What is CVS Carepass?

What is CVS Carepass?


CVS pharmacy is one of the most well-known names in the American pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical organization is a subsidiary of CVS health. At present, CVS pharmacy is the largest pharmacy chain in America. As of the year 2016, CVS operates at 9,600 locations across the United States. CBS mainly deals in the selling of prescription drugs, beauty products, cosmetics, convenience foods, photo and film finishing services, and general merchandise. CVS pharmacy also operates more than 1100 clinics to cater to the needs of patients. CVS employs 203,000 employees in its workforce. This article provides information about the Carepass facility provided by CVS.

CVS Carepass 

Many business organizations provide exclusive benefits to their customers through membership deals. The membership programs help the customers to gain access to a wide range of products or services on offer at attractive discounts. CVS pharmacy also provides a comprehensive membership program to its clients. The membership service offered by CVS pharmacy is known as CVS Carepass.

The customers who avail of Carepass can get several benefits on the purchase of CVS products and services. The CVS Carepass is a paid membership program offered by CVS pharmacy that allows CVS customers to obtain free delivery of eligible prescription drugs from CVS pharmacies. The Carepass membership can be availed by the customers on a monthly or yearly basis as per their needs. The customers who wish to obtain a monthly subscription to Carepass need to pay 5 dollars a month, whereas customers who want to get the yearly subscription shall pay 48 dollars for the entire year. 

Features of CVS Carepass

The Carepass feature provided by CVS pharmacy comes loaded with special features. The primary features of Carepass are discussed as follows – 

  • Customers enrolled in the Carepass program are eligible to get same-day delivery of the eligible prescriptions that they have ordered. This feature helps the customers to save time and obtain their order at their doorstep.
  • The Carepass program helps the customers to gain access to a pharmacist helpline that is available all seven days of the week at all times. 
  • Customers can also get special discounts through the Carepass program. This discount extends to several prescriptions provided by CVS. Customers can obtain 20 % discounts on the CBS health brand products. 
  • Carepass facility allows the customers to get free delivery of their order and save a chunk of money which they can utilize for other productive purposes. This applies to the prescription drugs that qualify as eligible to be delivered free of cost.
  • The customers willing to enroll themselves in the Carepass program, can visit the official website of CVS or can visit the CVS store near their home. 


In hindsight, it is only appropriate to say that the paid membership program of CVS is beneficial to both the organization and the customers who avail Carepass program. The Carepass feature allows the customers to get special discounts on the prescription drugs sold by CVS pharmacy. Moreover,  the provision of 24/7 access to a pharmacist helpline is of great use to the customers as they can get expert pharmaceutical advice as and when they need it. Carepass also helps the customers to get an array of promotional rewards, that customers can use at the official website of CVS while purchasing any products on offer.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1. How can the provision of membership programs help an organization?

Answer 1. A business organization that provides membership programs to its customers can reap several benefits such as 

  • The discounts offered by an organization through its membership programs induce the customers to purchase more products than usual, as they can gain hefty discounts on the original prices.
  • Membership programs help business organizations to create a loyal customer base. Loyal customers tend to stay with the organization for a prolonged period.
  • Customers satisfied with membership deals of an organization generally spread positive word of mouth to their family and friends. This helps the organization gain more customers through word-of-mouth marketing. 

Question 2. Does same-day delivery apply to all the locations across America?

Answer 2. Currently, the same-day delivery facility is not available across all the locations in the United States. However, the 1-2 delivery facility applies to all the locations in the country.

Question 3. Are all the products sold at CVS are eligible to be purchased at discount through CVS Carepass?

Answer 3. CVS pharmacy specifies the list of products that are eligible for discounts and free delivery. Customers can obtain these products at the offered discounts and get the free delivery in the time frame specified by CVS according to the location where the customers who have placed the order reside.

Question 4.  Are the products delivered through CVS Carepass eligible to be returned?

Answer 4. Customers can return the products ordered by visiting the nearby CVS pharmacy store.

What is CVS Carepass?

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