Lost Ikea Card-What to do then?

Lost Ikea Card

Ikea offers exclusive discounts to its family membership cardholders throughout the year. Ikea provides product offers, service offers, and also food offers to its members, which can save you time, and money when you are shopping at Ikea. What will you do if you accidentally lose your Ikea card or forget it at home or in the office and you need to shop at Ikea? Don’t worry because it’s a digital world, and all you need is your smartphone to access your family membership card. Here we will see about Lost Ikea Card.

What to do if you lost your Ikea Card?

If you have lost your Ikea card or forgot it at home then, follow these steps to access Ikea card benefits.

  1. Download the Ikea smartphone application from the play store, login into your Ikea family account using your log-in details, and view your saved Ikea family digital card. You can scan your digital card for any purchase at the Ikea store.
  2. Visit Ikea.com and log in to your membership profile, and you can view your digital card, copy the number or take a printout if you are going to shop at the Ikea store. Remember, this will be your temporary card.
  3. If you regularly receive the Ikea newsletter then, scroll down to the bottom you can find your Ikea digital membership card and use it to shop at the Ikea store.
  4. If you are in an Ikea store then, visit the yellow Ikea family digital screen and log in using your membership credentials to access your card in the store and enjoy exclusive membership benefits.

How to apply for a new Ikea family card?

If you want to apply for a new family Ikea card then, the process is simple.

  1. You can apply for a new Ikea card by contacting the Ikea customer care services until, then you can continue to use your digital version of the card because usually, it takes around 6-8 weeks for a new card to be delivered to your address.
  2. You can visit the Ikea family kiosk and report the details of your missing card. They will deliver your new card in 6-8 weeks, but you can still use your digital card to enjoy all the Ikea family card’s benefits.

What are the benefits of an Ikea family card?

Ikea offers some of the best member benefits compared to any other membership furniture merchandise brand.

  • Offers on select Ikea products exclusively for Ikea family members.
  • Service offers on your new furniture
  • You can become part of Ikea workshops and events to learn about home furnishing and interior designing tips.
  • You can avail yourself of expert advice to make your home a dream home and learn amazing kitchen hacks.
  • You can view new Ikea products before their launch in the market.
  • Discounts in Ikea in-store cafe
  • Members-only newsletters and discounts.

With astonishing benefits and offers, the Ikea family card is an ideal choice to purchase the dream of your perfect home.

What is the validity of my Ikea family card?

Ikea does not believe in anything short-term, just like their products. Hence, your Ikea family card is valid for life long, but whenever you make a purchase some family points will be credited to your family card on selected products. You need to use these points within a limited time as the points earned on your card have an expiry date.

How to apply for an Ikea family card?

An Ikea family card is free of cost and easy to get. Here are different ways you can apply for an Ikea family card.

  1. Visit Ikea.com and sign-up using an email or phone number and request for an Ikea family card. A physical card might take around 6-8 weeks to be delivered, but you can access your Ikea digital family card instantly through your online profile or Ikea application
  2. You can also become an Ikea family member by visiting Ikea in-store kiosks.

Can I use my Ikea family card anywhere in the world?

Currently, Ikea operates in 48 countries, and if you want to use your Ikea family card in another country, it depends whether the Ikea store in another country accepts non-local cards or not. Most of the time, it’s impossible to use a family issue in one country in another, but you can always register for a new card if you are in another country. Remember to check if that Ikea store has a family program.

To sum up

An Ikea family card is different from other membership cards because it offers you many other advantages and not just a limited discount. An Ikea card is easy to access, easy to get, and on top of that, you don’t need to pay anything for a family Ikea card.

You don’t need a physical card as long as you carry your smartphone with you. Just remember your login credentials and use your digital card at any Ikea store.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can anyone in my family use my Ikea family card?

A. No, an Ikea card can only be used by the person who is registered, if you want you can apply for different Ikea cards for every family member.

2. Do I need to link any payment methods with my Ikea card?

B. No, Ikea doesn’t ask you to link any payment method with your Ikea family card.

3. Can someone else use my Ikea card, if I have lost it?

A. No, you don’t need to worry because only you can access your Ikea card, so even if you have lost it, you can make a call and report it to customer care, and until your new card arrives, you can keep using your Ikea digital card.

Lost Ikea Card-What to do then?

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