Does CVS Have a Notary?

 CVS Pharmacy Inc. (short for Consumer Value Store), found in the year 1963, is an American retail company with its headquarters located in Rhode Island. CVS is the largest pharmacy chain in the United States with over 9600 branch locations and in terms of revenue earned, too. The company began with selling medicines and now has expanded its portfolio by including items like beauty products, greeting cards, photo finishing services, and even food products. The CVS has been on the list of Fortune 500 companies for a while now.

CVS may notarize a document in certain store locations depending on the kind of document someone wants to get notarized. The facility is not available at all the store locations. Based on location and document type, the cost for notarizing documents at CVS stores may vary between $5 to $30.

Does CVS Have a Notary

Why do people prefer to notarize their documents at CVS?

It is preferred by many to notarize their documents at CVS stores because of a number of factors:

  1. Longer Working Hours: CVS stores remain open for much longer than any bank or other notary location generally does. As such, this gives great flexibility to the customers to walk into the stores according to their convenience and get the job done.
  2. Open on weekends: This is another important facility that CVS offers. Being an emergency service, there are no holidays for a CVS store and they remain open even on the weekdays and the public holidays, giving them an edge over others.
  3. Relatively Cheap Prices: While it is true that there are a number of places that offer notary services for free, none of them are as convenient as the ones offered by the CVS stores. The general rate varies between $5 to $15 for the normal documents and may exceed the value in the case of larger documents.
  4. Efficient work: There is no delay in the work and customers are guaranteed to get the best service as soon as they walk in.

CVS offers notary service on a variety of documents that include – deeds, estates, financial affairs, international business, and so on. Thus, we can see that the notary services offered by CVS are almost as powerful as any other notary in the US and can come in very handy when required. It is a great boon for customers to be able to avail the services of a regular notary while visiting a CVS store.

Tip: Call before visiting the store:

It is important to note that not all CVS stores offer notary services. While most of the big ones usually have the facility, it is always wise to call the concerned CVS store before walking in to avail of their notary services. If one can’t find a nearby CVS store that has the facility, he/she can try to get in contact with any other branch of the other big pharmacies – like Walmart and Rite Aid. 


Notarizing a document in CVS is preferable because of the low prices offered, longer working hours, and weekend availability but we see that one may succeed in notarizing their documents from a CVS store depending on a number of factors. As such, it would not be wise of someone to depend entirely upon CVS to be notarizing important documents. It would be recommended to call the local CVS store to be sure if the service is offered before walking in.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We took a look at the most asked questions on the web about CVS and notary services in general and have compiled them together in this section along with the most appropriate answers.

Question. Where can I get my documents notarized free of cost?

Depending on where someone is living, there are a number of places where one can get their documents notarized for free. A list of such places would consist of the following: Banks and Public Unions, public libraries, real estate/insurance agents, etc. In some branches, The Auto Club notarize all documents free of cost for all of their members.

Question. Who has the power to notarize a document?

A notary public is an individual appointed by the state government whose duty is to serve the public as a witness when documents are being signed. For registration of any public document abroad, notarization is a must before the legalization of the documents. Notarization is done at various places either free of cost or in exchange for a small amount of money.

Question. Does CVS offer notary services across all the locations?

The answer to this question would be no. CVS offers notary services at select few stores across the country but talks have been ongoing to expand their service to other stores as well because of the popularity of the facility, with customers praising the convenience offered by the service.

Does CVS Have a Notary?

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