Does Postmates Deliver Alcohol?

Does Postmates Deliver Alcohol?
Does Postmates Deliver Alcohol?

Postmates is quite a famous American quick-commerce food delivery service. The company is American and this company is wholly owned by Uber. The company has been managed very well by Uber and offers food from various restaurants to the customers. But, many customers have often asked that does Postmates deliver alcohol? The answer to this question is yes, the food delivery company is one of those rare food delivery services that deliver alcohol to the customers. 

With this unique service, customers from all over the country have highly appreciated this service. This is one of the reasons why Postmates is becoming aggressive towards its marketing strategy these days. 

Alcohol Delivery from Postmates 

Alcohol delivery these days has become very demanded and more when it comes to ordering online and getting them at your doorstep. Everything has become very easy in today’s generation through internet service. 

Coming to Postmates, ordering alcohol at this online delivery platform is very easy. There are some very simple steps that the user needs to follow. The food delivery company has kept the alcohol service on a separate page for an easier process. 

The customers willing to make a purchase will just log in and give all the asked details and can order their preferred alcohol online. But, for those who do not have an account on their page, they need to make a new one to order alcohol. 

Simply just log into the details and enter the residential address. This is the significant step that the user needs to do then at the top of the screen the user will see ‘drinks’ as an option. Consumers willing to purchase anything under the ‘drinks’ section just click on it for further procedure. 

After clicking on it, the user will see many options showcasing before them. The customers can choose anything as per their choice and make an order online. It is that easy as it sounds there is no difficult process while making an order from the delivery service company. 

Requirement for Ordering Alcohol At Postmates 

Supplying such products or drinks could be a risky procedure if the necessary steps are not taken by the service company. Every country around the world has certain terms and conditions set for the delivery companies and the same is for Postmates. 

The law for ordering such products applies to all if it is being processed legally. Users or consumers willing to order alcohol online must be of 21-years-old. This is the minimum age criteria set by the company and as per the law of the country. 

Before making an order, Postmates checks everything using their Fleet application. The Fleet application scans the ID of the customer or the user and ensures that they have a valid ID card. This is done so that the order can be further procedure legally. 

The users or the customers can show or scan the following documents:-

  • Driver’s license 
  • State ID
  • Passport

The age must be shown in any one of these documents if not then the order cannot be further processed. The age must be shown while making the scan or else the system will deny the further procedure. 

But, there are other conditions where the product will be canceled and be returned to the service company. The order will not be given if the customer does the following:-

  • If they are not present while the driver arrives at the set location
  • If the user or the receiver does not have a valid photo ID or any other documents mentioned above that states the age of that receiver. 
  • The receiver appears to be intoxicated 

Delivery Radius of Postmates 

Every delivery service has its delivery radius set by its respective company. The same is with Postmates delivery radius. The standard radius of the service company is 2.5 miles not more than that. 

But, this could differ from place to place as urban areas will have a different radius and rural will have a different. Customers using Postmates in larger cities will be quickly delivered with the products as compared to the people living in rural or semi-rural areas. 

The delivery radius of any address or the location can only be understood by logging into the online application of the service company. After logging in, the user will select their residential address or the delivery address. If the address input is deliverable then they can click on it but, if not then the app will automatically say that they don’t deliver at the said location. 


Interestingly, Postmates delivers other such products to the consumers or the users. The company has been highly active in delivering tobacco products to customers. But, the same rule applies to them as well. Other than Postmates, several other such platforms are doing really great service to the customers throughout the country. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can I become a delivery driver at Postmates? 

Answer- Yes, anyone can be a delivery driver at Postmates but, they must be 18-years-old. Below the minimum age, the company will strictly not allow any candidates. 

  1. What is the per-mile payment from Postmates?

Answer- The drivers working at Postmates or any new candidates willing to do so can expect about 57.5 cents per mile. 

  1. Is it worth working at Postmates? 

Answer- Yes, it is worth working for the delivery service company as the young candidate will earn some extra amount from the company. Other than that, they will also gain some working experience practically. 

Does Postmates Deliver Alcohol?

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