Safeway Just For U!

We are on the constant lookout for the most convenient resources. From drive-thru to online shopping, our lives are made easier. Another priority along with accessibility  is quality and safety. Especially when it comes to groceries and other essentials, no one wants to compromise! 

And so, Safeway is the way to go! A leading supermarket in the United States with over 35 stores within the country. From just a small start-up to one of the largest in America, let’s see what this store has in store for us! 

Safeway Just For U!

About Safeway

Safeway is at the top when it comes to anything right from groceries and essentials to rich and delicious treats! Starting in 1915, this all-encompassing store has everything you need from meats to kinds of toothpaste and bread too! 

 Safeway has always focused on the pillars of freshness, goodness, and improvisations for the better. With many sources online and physical as well, it has gained the confidence of millions of smiling and healthy customers. 

Safeway just for U! 

With increased loyalty and customer satisfaction, Safeway came up with its recent version of Safeway just for U. as the name suggests, it is an exciting and smart plan that allows you to feast on lavish offers and rewards that only make things better! 

The main concept of Safeway for U is to promote membership for a smart and handy method of shopping. along with health and quality, you are gifted with a bountiful through a points and rewards system. 

How to get started? 

If you think this is a hassle and it’s going to haunt you time and again, you’re wrong. Right from signing up to redeeming rewards, Safeway for U is a simple process.

  • All you need to do is log in to the website and head straight to the Safeway for U tab on the top. 
  • After that comes the details! Add in the various details- name, contact, email, card no. and so on and easily create your account
  • Voila! You’re now a member of Safeway just for U!

Using Safeway just for U

So now that you’re a member, what’s next? We’ve got you covered! 

There are two ways to go about this: either download the Safeway app or go back to the website where your account is and you can begin your hunt! It’s ideally better to download the app than to search for the website every time you want to check the offers. The app offers more convenience.


The delightful factor of Safeway is the coupons. The coupons are a million and each contains a different and worthwhile offer on a variety of products and combinations. What you need to do as  Safeway just for U members is add all the coupons you want to your account so that you have them in place. Next, what you’re going to do is visit any of these coupons and redeem them whenever you like as long as the offer lasts! 


The fun part of the store: points! Being royal members, you get points with each purchase that you make. However, these won’t come straight into your device like magic… So ensure that each time you make a purchase, you head right to your account and collect these points. Yes, there is a benefit tagged, every 100 points you make equals 1 reward for you to redeem.


The most important part of Safeway for U is the rewards. There are many rewards planned and put together under your account. Follow the same process that you do for points, select which offer you’d like to redeem and that then is opened at the store for you. 

Each time you redeem a coupon or reward, it removes itself from your account so there are no hassles for you. Moreover, you are exposed to offers and coupons based on your frequent shopping as well. So no worries about unwanted offers that you’re never going to look at. At Safeway, it’s all ‘just for U!’ 

Benefits of Safeway 

Let’s take a ride through some of the benefits and rewards your membership offers other than those based on your purchases.

Birthdays made special 

Being a member gives you the special birthday treatment by giving a freebie on your special day! Be sure to activate your account much in advance and add your birthday so Safeway knows when to treat you!

Monthly doses of joy 

To remind you how precious you are, Safeway gives out a free item each month. Be sure to enjoy this by collecting the coupon and adding it to your account. After you register and activate your account, find a free item waiting for you!

Customized deals that are only yours!

Fascinating deals are customized as per your purchases as a way to appreciate your membership! Remember to collect these when they come through the app or by logging onto the website! 


There are two questions that are always around our customer’s mind. 

What are the pros of the Safeway just for U mobile app?

Downloading the app avoids much hassle that you would face to continuously log in through the website. Moreover, with notifications you can catch every deal and discount that is suggested from Safeway. Additional perks are being able to keep track of your coupons expiry status, your list of rewards and points and much more just with the click of a button! 

How do I get a monthly freebie?

Simply create your account and when you come across the coupon stating a monthly freebie, save it on your list.Note that you will begin receiving these in the beginning of the month that follows the month that you registered.  Look out for its expiry date and claim the offer to receive your monthly freebie of upto 10$!


Safeway has a number of ways to celebrate your patronization once you register as a member. For other interesting and detailed information on deals and products, check out Give your shopping a valuable twist!

Safeway Just For U!

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