Are perfumes from wish real?

Wish is an American multinational e-commerce company that had been founded in the year 2010 by two people. The company is operated by ContextLogic Inc., headquartered in San Francisco. The website is unique in its approach. It allows sellers to list their items directly on the website that can directly be bought by the customers. Thus, there are no third-party/agent fees involved. Wish is famous for its notoriously low prices offered to the customers and there have been previous lawsuits against the company for providing goods at very cheap prices, leading to the other dealers in the country making a loss. In this article we will discuss the most frequently asked question: Are perfumes from wish real?

Are perfumes from wish real?

The website has a history of offering branded products to its customers at prices that are supposedly too good to be true, but these retailers should never be trusted. Several online reports and surveys have pointed to the fact that Wish often sells fake, illegal, and dangerous items on their website. As such, chances are that any perfume bought from Wish would most likely be counterfeit.

Prices offered:

Expensive products are often offered at tremendously low prices on the website, with the discount percentages sometimes being as high as 95%. There have been instances of very expensive and branded perfumes popping up on the website at dirt cheap prices, too. For example, Creed perfumes cost under $20, Aventus perfume at $16, etc. 

Are perfumes from wish real?

Few users have gone on to buy the aforementioned products because they simply could not resist the urge to try their luck at least once. And the results were, unsurprisingly, disappointing. 

Items being sent to the customers are sold in poorly made-up counterfeit boxes, and the perfumes are nowhere near the original product on being compared. There have been cases of people receiving empty bottles or simply, bottles with a local brand perfume in them. An online survey conducted a few years back suggested that 94% of the products that are being sold at Wish are either fake or illegal.

Should I buy from Wish?

There has been enough evidence in the past to suggest that Wish is not a trusted place to get genuine products, but one can get products at very reasonable prices indeed. Besides, if someone is smart enough to check the details of the vendor of any particular product before ordering, he/she might even be lucky enough to get the original product. However, luck cannot be trusted every time, and it is suggested to the users to be aware of the site.


In this article, we have seen that any expensive product purchased at dirt cheap prices from Wish is most likely not to be genuine. As such, consumers are advised to be aware of this and use their discretion while using the Wish app to order not only perfume but any branded products as such. There are several reports on the internet about headphones, mobile phones, laptops, etc. purchased from Wish being fake. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

We looked at the most asked questions on the internet about Wish and the products they sell. In this section, a few of the most important questions have been compiled along with their appropriate answers.

Question. Is Wish a scam?

Wish is not a scam and the company is 100% legit. There exist real people behind the company and they have employees who work for them. The reason Wish products are so cheap is simple. Most of the vendors on the website are based in China. As such, although these sellers exist in the real world and would be sending you a product, it is really difficult to know about the authenticity of the products being sold on the website. It is best practice not to fall for the low prices as the chances of the product being genuine are extremely less.

Question. Why are delivery wait times at Wish so long?

As already mentioned, the majority of the vendors and retailers at Wish are based in China. As such, the delivery times are exceptionally delayed, and on top of that, users are not assured of the authenticity of a product when it would arrive. There have also been many complaints about the return process at Wish, with users complaining of lack of response, no pick-up facilities provided, delay in response, etc.

Question. Is Wish a good place to work at?

In stark contrast to the consumer reports about the company, Wish has been reported to be a great place to work for freshers as well as seniors. The workplace has been hailed for the exceptional communication between the team members, career growth opportunities provided to the employees, salary packages and benefits offered, and a host of other facilities. Around 70% of the employees at Wish have given positive feedback about the place. That gives one plenty to think about if they receive an offer letter from Wish.

Are perfumes from wish real?

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