Walmart Plants

Do you still think that Walmart only sells groceries? If yes, then we will change this thinking right now! Walmart is now not limited to groceries and electronics. It has a collection of live plants for your homes, offices, etc. See about Walmart Plants.

Walmart Plants

We know very well that it is hard to believe but Walmart sells plants as well. You can purchase these plants from their website or go to their store to buy your favorite plants.

We are going to talk about Walmart plants, their types and if these plants are worth it, and some other things. Join us on this ride if you wish to know about them too.

Walmart plants and their types

Walmart is providing different types of plants to its customers. It is because a lot of people are realizing how important plants are for their mental as well as physical health. Not only plants but Walmart is also selling seeds of various plants. So if you have been waiting to grow your plant then this is your chance.

If you have no idea how to grow plants on your own then Walmart also sells plant kits for help. These kits have plants, instructions on how to take care of them, and other information about them.

These kits are super helpful and come in handy when you are deciding on a thoughtful gift for someone. You can also gift this kit to your kids and help them grow the plants.

Now, let’s talk about the cost of seeds and plants. The seeds packets cost starts from $0.94 and increases according to the type of seeds you are buying. Similarly, the cost of the plants starts from $5 and goes up according to the type of plant you buy.

Types of plants you can buy from Walmart

There are so many different kinds of plants that you will be astonished. So we will be mentioning a few of them and also the link to the website if you want to see some more.

Indoor plants- You must have seen plants hanging on walls or simply placed at the entry of one’s house. These plants are indoor plants and grown inside the houses, stores, offices, etc, and act as decoration there. But not all the people but these plants for decoration purposes.

Walmart also sells indoor plants and if you want your home to look greener and radiate happiness then you can buy one plant and see for yourself!

Types of indoor plants

a) Golden Devil’s Ivy- Pothos-Epipremnum

b) Costa Farms Live Indoor

c) Venus Fly Trap Plant Terrarium

d) Bonsai Green Weeping Willow Tree

There are so many other indoor plants on Walmart’s site and store. Visit once if you want to have the best experience.

Outdoor plants- There are a variety of outdoor plants present at Walmart. If you want to decorate your gardens, balconies, or just the entrance of your house, buy these.

Types of outdoor plants and grass

a) African Iris

b) Aztec Grass

c) Leyland Cypress

d) Brussel’s Money Tree Bonsai

These were just four plants out of the hundreds of plants. Visit their store or to know more about plants.

Remember- Always buy plants if you can take good care of them!

Is it worth buying a plant at Walmart?

It is worth buying plants from Walmart if you want pocket-friendly, cute, little plants for your homes, offices, etc.

But according to some of the reviews, many plants were wilted and drying up but still, Walmart was selling them.

So for a better experience, we will request you to visit their store so that you can choose the best for yourself.

Also, these plants are the best option if you want to gift them to someone. So, these plants become a cheap but good gift option.

Plants require good care so if you have time and you are ready to make efforts then buy these plants. Otherwise, you are just wasting your hard-earned money.


Walmart is a great place to look for pocket-friendly plants with a lot of options. You can buy indoor, outdoor, and decorative plants for your homes and offices. It will be great if you visit the store to look for plants yourself.

Always make sure that you are following the instructions provided with plants. Otherwise, your plants can get dry and no one wants that. We will give a thumbs up if you want to gift these plants to someone too!

Some FAQs about Walmart plants

Are Walmart plants expensive?

Ans- The cost of the plants varies according to their types. Some are expensive while some are cheap.

Can I return my plant bought from Walmart?

Ans- Yes, you can return the plant within 365 days. It will be great if you are carrying the receipt.

Can I return my dead plant to Walmart?

Ans- Yes, most plants have a return policy of 1 year. Check the warranty and return policy beforehand.

Walmart Plants

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