Does Kohl’s Resize Rings?

Rings hold a special place in every person’s life. Every special ring defines an occasion. It could be given as a promise to be each other’s future or a gift of appreciation for spending years together. Kohl’s is a departmental store retail chain that sells both men’s and women’s rings. But does Kohl’s resize rings?

Does Kohls Resize Rings?

What kind of rings does Kohl’s make?

Kohl’s is a departmental store retail corporation that sells a variety of products from clothing, furniture, decor to electronics and housewares. It sells some beautiful jewelry pieces and accessories like rings!

They sell all kinds of rings made up of various gemstones at a range of prices. No matter what the occasion is, if you need a ring you can visit them! Their prices start from under 10 dollars to over 3000 dollars for both males and females.

However, at times, when you buy a ring, the problem of resizing may arise. But can Kohl’s help you with it? Of course, it can! However, not all kinds of rings can be resized here.

Does Kohl’s resize rings?

As of 2021, Kohl’s does provide resizing services free of cost. But, they only offer these services to those who bought their rings from Kohls for 100 dollars or more.
How does this resizing offer work? Let’s look into it-

The cost of resizing

The resizing of a ring worth 100 dollars or more is free. However, if you have bought a ring that is less than 100 dollars, you can expect a service fee of 20 dollars.

Make a note that Kohl’s only provides resulting services to the rings that are bought from the brand. They don’t provide resizing services for rings of other brands.

The time for resizing!

If you want your rings to be resized immediately then going to kohl’s may not be the best option for you.

Even though they provide their resizing services at almost all stores at every location, it still may take you nearly one to two months to get it back. This is because they usually send these rings to other companies for resizing.

What kinds of rings does Kohl’s resize?

Kohl’s does not resize all types of rings. Since it is quite difficult to weld metals like silver. Hence, if you have rings made up of sterling silver or tungsten, you may not be able to get them resized from Kohl’s.

But, if you own a gold ring, they can get it resized for you since they are easily malleable.

Points to remember while going for resizing at Kohls

The above paragraphs must have given you an idea of what type of resizing service you can expect from Kohl’s. However, to make it more clear, we have put it into some points which one should consider before going for residing their rings at Kohl’s.

Your ring should be from kohls

This is the most important thing to remember before you go for resizing your rings at Kohls.
They only consider those rings which are bought from Kohl’s. Hence, only go for resizing at Kohl’s if you have bought the product from there.

You will only get your ring resized free of cost if it is bought for 100 dollars or more

Kohl’s resizing service is free of cost only if it’s worth 100 dollars or more. They will most likely charge you a service fee of 20 dollars if your ring’s price is below 100 dollars.

You cannot expect an early return of the resized ring

You can find resizing services at almost every location where Kohl’s store is present. However, you cannot expect them to resize it for you then and there.

They usually give the job of resizing to other companies which makes it take 4-8 weeks. Hence, if you urgently want your rings to be resized, Kohl’s might not be the best option for you.

The metals which are not so easily malleable might not be accepted for resizing

Metals like tungsten and silver sterling are not that malleable in nature. Hence, it becomes hard to resize them.

Therefore, there are chances of them not offering their services for resizing such rings.
Hence, you might have to rethink before approaching them to resize the ring of such metals.

There are many more options!

Even if you couldn’t get your rings resized at Kohl’s, no worries! There are many other options out there.

You can go to other retail stores like Zales and JC Penny and get your rings resized!


Rings could shine on one’s finger as a promise ring, wedding ring, or even an anniversary ring. However, no matter what type of ring you buy, there is a chance that you might have to resize them.

Kohl’s, a corporation that sells a range of rings at an amazing variety of prices. But do they resize all of them?

Well, they do resize it but only if the ring is bought from Kohls. They even provide this service free of cost if your ring costs 100 dollars or more. It takes 4-8 weeks to resize them! Hence, make sure you keep this thing in mind before visiting your nearby Kohl’s store for resizing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What other retail stores provide resizing services?

Many retail stores provide resizing services, however, they have their own criteria. Some of the stores that provide these services are Zales, Walmart, JCPenney, etc.

Does Kohl’s Resize Rings?

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