Does Publix do money orders?

One of the best things about staying in the USA is the nearby supermarket stores which function better than just a supermarket. Take the example of money orders. If someone wants to get one then instead of going to banks, he can simply choose to visit any nearby store taking money orders. Despite the availability of a wide range of payment options, a money order is still a safe and secure way of transferring money or making payments. In this article, we will discuss the most asked question: Does Publix do money orders?

Does Publix do money orders?

Following are some of the features which make money orders a better option of payment for people:

1. Keeping it Private

Paying even a small amount via check, UPI, or ATM, enables the receiver to easily access our information. This is completely fine if the payment is being done to a trusted party. However, if in case the other party is not trustworthy enough, then we can make the payment by using money orders which will also save us from sharing our details.

2. Safe and Secure-

While the movies are fraught with the robbery scenes of that briefcase, filled with notes, which were supposed to be handed over to another party, there are more secure ways of transferring money. However, a money order is the best alternative to carrying huge amounts of cash while traveling.  

Money order of a particular amount is generated only after paying to the bank. It can be only cashed by the recipient, whose details are mentioned in it. Hence, stealing it will be of no use for thieves.


Publix is a leading supermarket chain in the USA. It provides a huge variety of grocery products. Along with it, the supermarket chain is also known for its high-quality gourmet products and customer services. The supermarket chain has expanded itself in multiple ways. It not only provides top-class products in its grocery stores, but it also encompasses various options of financial transactions for its customers.

Publix stores are easy to locate, which makes it easier to avail the facilities of financial transactions in the stores. There are around 1300 Publix stores spread across the USA including Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.


Publix can issue money orders. One has to simply head towards any Publix store to generate theirs. Currently, Publix uses Western Union to issue money orders to its customers. It is worth noting that the money orders issued by Western Union can be only used in the USA. Customers can visit any Publix store, at any time between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm to purchase money orders. The timings of the store may vary from location to location.


  • First, customers have to ask for a money order form from the Publix counter. In the form, write the name of the recipient. 
  • Then customers have to add their name(or of the person, on whose behalf they are filling) in the space for the purchaser’s name.
  • Then the one has to add the account number in the money order(mainly if it’s a )
  • The purchaser has to sign the money order. 
  • In the end, customers can receive the receipts.


At Publix, customers can purchase money orders by paying between $.89 to $.99. One may perform the payment in cash or through debit cards. However, payments via credit cards, check or gift cards are not allowed. Publix does not provide any facility for cashing out money orders. Hence, to cash their money orders, people have to ultimately visit the nearest Western Union branch. They also charge a certain amount to get cash in return for the money order. 

Publix doesn’t cash Orders, but it does cash checks mentioning an amount of below $75 or payroll checks of value below $500.


Q1. Once purchased from a Publix store, is it possible to return the money order?

Ans. It is not possible to return the money order purchased from a Publix store. Once it is purchased in the name of any recipient, then it can only be cashed by submitting it to a Western Union Bank. However, if the only option is to return, then one can visit the nearby Western Union Bank and request a refund, which may charge around $15 of processing fees.

Q2. Can I track my money order, which I purchased from Publix??

Ans. Yes, it is possible to check the purchased money orders’ status. As Publix only sells money orders of Western Union, it can be easily tracked by contacting 999-9660, then entering the 11 digit money order number. However, it’s not possible to check the status digitally.

Q3. Is there any maximum or minimum limit on the number of money orders purchased from Publix?

Ans. Customers can purchase a money order of a maximum amount of $500 from any Publix store. In case if there is a need to send an amount than $500, then customers can purchase two or more money orders. Thankfully, there is no maximum limit on the number of money orders which can be purchased from Publix.


Money orders are the best option for carrying a hefty amount of money to another place, or at the time of official payment to some other party. To purchase a money order it is always good to have options other than banks, like Publix stores. Publix stores are easy to locate and their long working hours also make it convenient for people to get their money order. They can purchase money orders from Publix by paying the amount in cash, or via debit cards. But they don’t accept credit cards or gift cards. The maximum limit of a money order is $500. But there is no capping on the number of money orders one can purchase from the store.

Publix only issues money orders and one can’t cash a money order from there. Instead, they have to go to a Western Union Branch for the purpose. Apart from money orders, Publix cashes personal checks and payroll checks.

Does Publix do money orders?

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