Sam’s Club Delivery

Sams Club Delivery

Sam’s West, Inc. is a warehouse club headquartered in Oklahoma. It comes under Walmart and offers services only for its members. It leads the retail business by selling accessories, grocery, beauty products, electronics, sporting goods, and more. Sam’s club offers goods in bulk at wholesale prices. Thus, the product prices provided by the Club are 10% less than that of Walmart.

Sam’s Club Delivery

Home delivery is in great demand nowadays. People want to buy items in bulk at low rates within a few moments. They do not prefer to get out of the house to get regular items, especially the bulky ones if they can shop online. This practice got extended after the pandemic.

The following are the different methods adopted by Sam’s Club for providing delivery:

Shipping For Club Members

The Club members that are the active members can enjoy free shipping only on particular items. Otherwise, they are entitled to pay the shipping costs. The shipping costs depend on the way of shipping, the ship-to address, speed of shipping, and the size and weight of the item. The more the number of delivery addresses, the more will be the shipping cost.

Shipping For Plus Members

Free shipment will get offered only for the items bought online. The members must pay $100 per year for the Plus membership to enjoy free shipping on a wide range of items. However, the conditions apply here too. A maximum of 20 addresses can get a free shipment.

Partnership With Instacart

According to the changing customer needs, Sam’s Club had to make an initiative with Instacart. Thus, the company focuses on the customers instead of defeating its rivals.

Instacart is an American Company that provides home delivery for customers ordering groceries through its website or mobile application.

In 2018, Sam’s Club partnered with Instacart to deliver grocery and other household stuff in bulk on the same day. The customers can either buy simply from Instacart or Sam’s Club. However, only Sam’s Club members can enjoy the low pricing it provides. Thus, the customers must join Sam’s Club to buy the items through Instacart at lower prices. But, the customers cannot purchase a few products like jewelry, cakes, alcohol, tires, catering services, and the items that require ID while purchasing through Instacart.

It provides online ordering, smart locks, frozen foods, products, free shipping, attached cameras, grocery pickup, and home delivery. However, this offer does not get extended for Walmart.

Sam’s Club And GoShare

GoShare uses cargo vans, box trucks, couriers, and pickup trucks for delivering items. It acts as the medium for transportation between entrepreneurs and their customers. Like Sam’s Club, it works with different companies to provide secure, reliable, same-day delivery.

Sam’s Club provides home delivery for huge items like mattresses, television, living room furniture sets, other heavy stuff, and the best-selling brands through GoShare. The customers must select their items through the GoShare app within a few clicks, and the delivery partners will load the truck, transport, and unload the items. In this way, the regular and the Plus members of Sam’s Club get the items delivered within a day.

Sam’s Club And Bungii

Bungii provides bulky, last-mile, and same-day delivery to many companies of all sizes through an application. Bungii delivers large items such as sofas, mattresses, outdoor playset, dressers, furniture, dining sets, rugs, and large electronics. The Bungii truck drivers are responsible for loading, delivering, and unloading the items from the trucks.


Sam’s Club concentrates on making the lives of the customers easier by joining hands with Instacart. Sam’s Club offers free shipping only for limited types of items for the club members. The Plus members get the facility of free shipping on a wide range of items. But, it takes more than one business day to deliver the items according to multiple criteria. Instacart helps Sam’s Club to hand over the items within a day. Moreover, it also utilizes the GoShare services for the same day and bulky delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. With Whom Does Instacart Work?


Instacart works with hundreds of retailers in America. The top retailers that Instacart works with include Kroger, Sprouts, Albertsons, Costco, ALDI, CVS, Wegmans, Loblaw, and more. 

  1. What Are The Competitors Of Sam’s Club?


Some competitors of Sam’s Club are Costco Wholesale, Target, Pricesmart, Bi-Mart, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Good Sam, Chiquita Brands International, Rakuten, and Best Buy.

  1. What Is Walmart?


Walmart, founded in 1962, is one of the largest retailers across the globe. It is headquartered in America and provides employment opportunities and sustainability. It offers products and services at low prices. It is the parent company of Sam’s Club. The other two segments under Walmart are Walmart International, Walmart U.S. Different products sold by Walmart are apparel, jewelry, household stuff, and other related products under private label brands.

  1. What Is Curbside Pickup?


The customers must select their items online or through Sam’s Club application and drive to the Store. After reaching there, they must head towards the Curbside Pickup Spot, where the Club employees will load the customer orders in their vehicles. However, the customers will get notified whether the order is ready on their phones. Thus, the customers do not require to get out of the vehicle for loading the items.

Sam’s Club Delivery

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