Who makes Aldi Products?

Who makes Aldi Products


Aldi doesn’t sell popular brand products. This statement may surprise some of the new consumers, but regular Aldi consumers know that it’s hard to find popular brand items at Aldi. Who makes Aldi Products?

However, it is possible that customers can find Aldi products matching the quality of popular brands. This makes customers curious about the manufacturers of its products as they do not keep any famous brands and have only their own brands stocked on shelves.

Aldi products and its manufacturers

Aldi is a private German company that runs its discount supermarket chains. It entered the U.S. market in 1976. Since then, its unique brands and service have attracted and hooked customers with itself. In this article, we will focus on its products and their manufacturers.

Source of Aldi items

Most of the products are under private-label brands, and it keeps only those big brand products that can’t be beaten. Aldi sources its products from the companies which work to produce items for private label brands. Aldi is the only supermarket that sells private-label brands in the U.S.

Its products have become the first choice of consumers because it offers items at very lower prices than its competitors, and sourcing its products from private labels helps them provide products at a lower price.

Here is a table showing the manufacturer of different its products.

S.No.Aldi ItemslabelManufacturing company
1Bread L’oven Fresh &Bakers LifeBimbo bakeries& Davies Bakery
2Almond milkFriendly farms labelEhrmann commonwealth diary
3Diapers/nappiesLittle journeyFirst Quality LLC.
4Beer(Aldi sells some of the beers with the actual brewery and label name)Third Street BrewhouseWernesgruner PilsnerBrouwerij marten NVCustome Tap Brews
5Ice creamsBelmontSundae shopLudington’s House of FlavorsFieldbrook Foods Corporation
6CerealsMillville CerealsMillville label granolaMOM Brands CompanyNew England Natural Bakers
7Aldi chocolatesMoser-RothAugust Storck
8Baby formulaLittle JourneyPerrigo Nutritionals
9Potato chipsClancy’s (sourced from different companies)Olde York PotatoSeneca Snack companyBarrel O’ Fun
10Non-dairy almond milk frozen dessert/vegan ice creamEarth GrownSmithfoods
11Fruit juiceNature’s Nectar
13Fish and ShrimpSea Queen

Why do some Aldi products taste similar to other brand products?

Customers might find similarities in the taste of some of Aldi products with other big brand products. Some people find similarities in the taste of Wendy’s Hamburger buns and Aldi buns as both are produced by Bimbo Bakeries. 

The similarity is because both competitors of Aldi and itself use the same manufacturing companies, and only the brand name and packaging differ. Even after sourcing products from the same companies, Aldi succeeds in keeping the low price of products at its stores. The next topic explains how Aldi manages to offer products at lower prices.

How does Aldi keep its prices low?

Aldi follows some special rules to keep the low price of its products. The first thing it ensures is to keep private label products instead of keeping big-brand products. Most of the the products it sells are private label brand products.

A few big-brand products it keeps are overstock, so it provides a discount on them. Aldi buys these big-brand products in large quantities and hence gets them at reduced prices, which helps Aldi sell the items at low prices.

Another way Aldi saves money is by limiting its expenditures by using different methods.

The smaller store size of Aldi helps it to spend less on maintaining the stores. Since they don’t have to spend much on infrastructure, they save the money here and use it to invest in products.

Also, Aldi asks its customers to bring their own reusable bags, hence they save money with these initiatives. Or if Aldi customers use the Aldi plastic bags, they have to pay some amount for using them. Aldi’s operational hours are also less than many other supermarkets, which helps it to save money on labor expenditures, electricity, etc. By all these methods, Aldi manages to keep the prices low, and even after that, it can earn high profits.

Is it good?

Yes, Aldi products match and sometimes even provide better quality than other brands. Besides, a survey from Mckinsey and CO. also found that consumers believe in its products for their quality, packaging, prices, and service. Most customers become regular customers of Aldi after buying from its store for only one time.


So, Aldi sources its products from private labels, and there are very rare products of famous brands at its stores. It depends on many different manufacturers for sourcing its products like Moser-Roth provides Aldi chocolates, while Aldi ice creams are manufactured by Belmont, etc.

The low price of products and its private labels set Aldi apart from other supermarket chains in the U.S. and consumers’ choice for buying their groceries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Can I find branded products at Aldi?

Most of the Aldi products are under private labels. However, very few products (approx. 10%) are from famous brands.

Q.2: Who makes Aldi chocolates?

Aldi sells Moser-Roth label chocolates which are manufactured by August Stork.

Q.3: Does the low price of items affect the quality of Aldi products?

Not at all, its products are high-quality, and instead of that, Aldi manages to keep the prices low.

Who makes Aldi Products?

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