Home Depot teacher discount

There are many retail stores in the USA where a special teacher’s discount is offered to appreciate the contribution of educators in the country. There are several exemptions from payments, coupons, and seasonal offers for educators. Home Depot is also one such home improvement retail store. It also has some benefits for the educators of the country.  But, is there any Home Depot teacher discount?

Well, there are Home Depot teacher discount. The educators are exempted from paying sales taxes at Home Depot. This offer is applied when teachers buy something from Home Depot with the school fund. School requires various stationery and other items regularly. Therefore, as a gesture of appreciation towards educators, Home Depot offers tax exemption on the purchase. 

Home Depot teacher discount

What discounts does Home Depot offer to teachers? 

Home Depot has a special tax exemption offer for teachers at their stores. Educators and teachers who make their purchases with school funds could avail this discount. Schools continuously need a variety of products for the maintenance of the whole infrastructure. There, getting some discount in the form of tax exemption is a good option for saving money. This offer is applicable at all stores of Home Depot in the USA. 

There are two ways through which you can take a tax exemption discount at Home Depot stores. The ways are – 

  • Show your tax exemption form and school ID number to the cashier during the checkout. He or she will verify the documents and deduct the sales tax. 
  • You can also apply for tax exemption online before leading for the shopping. Make registration as a tax exempted buyer on the website of Home Depot. Then you will get a tax exemption ID number from the retail store. You can show this number while checking out to avail of the sales tax exemption. 

Can teachers get tax exemption on personal shopping? 

The tax exemption is offered only for products required in schools. When teachers buy something from the school fund, then only they get a tax exemption. Educators can not get this discount on their personal purchases. Therefore, buyers must show a tax exemption form and school ID number to get a discount. There are no specific discounts for the personal shopping of teachers from Home Depot. But certain other offers can save a teacher’s money at Home Depot. 

How can a teacher save on personal shopping? 

The tax exemption offer is only for the school essentials, bought through school funds. There is no other special teacher’s discount at Home Depot. But there are certainly other ways to save money at Home Depot. Those ways are-

Weekly coupons and gift cards

In its weekly ads, Home Depot announces coupons and gift cards. There are a variety of coupons Home Depot offers. It also offers a promo code to apply. This will save a lot of money for customers. The coupons and gift cards offer a percentage discount or a few dollars off on the purchase of any item or certain items. 

There are various other offers available on the Home Depot website. These offers keep changing daily and weekly. 


There is an 11% rebate policy at Home Depot. As a part of the rebate, customers get a part of their money used for purchases returned in the form of gift cards. This is applied only to a few eligible items. Customers have to apply for a rebate. One can apply for rebates via mail or online. Rebates can not be matched with other offers of Home Depot. 

Price Match 

Customers can always get the best prices at Home Depot. And if you find less price of any product at some other local store, then Home Depot will match the price. To take advantage of Home Depot Price Match Policy, bring the ad, pamphlet, picture, or any other proof of less price of the product at other stores. Home Depot will immediately start the procedure and match its price with the price of that particular store.  


Home Depot is the largest home improvement retail chain in the USA. It offers the best prices and discounts to the buyers. It provides special tax exemptions on the purchase of stationery and other products for schools. School teachers can buy these products from stores. To take the tax exemption, teachers have to show the school ID number and tax exemption form. Other than tax exemption there are coupons, vouchers, gift cards, and a price match policy by which teachers can save money at the personal level. We hope your query regarding home depot teacher discount is clear.

  1. Does Home Depot also have a student discount?

Answer: No, Home Depot does not offer any specific student discount policy. Rather students can take advantage of various other offers and discounts on Home Depot orders. Like any other customer, students can also save via coupons and gift cards at Home Depot 

  1. Where else can teachers get a teacher discount?

Answer: Stores like Walmart, Lowe’s, Staples, Office Max, Fabric Stores, etc. offer some kind of teachers discount.

Home Depot teacher discount

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