Does DistroKid Accepts Prepaid Cards?

Prepaid cards are being widely used now as they have gained popularity over time. Due to their popularity, almost every person on earth uses them. Still, sometimes the question comes to your mind if your favorite company, organization, or service accepts Prepaid Cards so you can pay for their premium services. Here is where DistroKid comes in, loved by a massive number of Artists. DistroKid is a Digital Distributing service that can get your music to the most famous music streaming platforms out there the quickest and without any hassle. All at different and reasonable prices. Let’s dive deeper into the frequently asked question, does DistroKid accepts prepaid cards?

Does DistroKid Accepts Prepaid Cards?

Payment Methods

DistroKid has different subscription plans for different kinds of artists or labels. You can pick one as per your requirements. The payment methods accepted by DistroKid are only cards. Here is a small list of the accepted cards from DistroKid.

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Discover

So, DistroKid accepts Prepaid cards.

Subscription Plans and Which One is Right for You

There are different plans offered by DistroKid, which can be chosen depending upon your requirements. DistroKid offers three different Subscription Plans that are:

  • Musician – You may want this plan desperately if you are an artist just starting with your career. This plan offers you to upload unlimited songs for the whole year for a price of $19.99 per year. This also allows you to upload unlimited lyrics so that your listener does not have to involve any third-party app to know the lyrics of your song. You will also get a verified checkmark on Spotify, displayed on your profile against your artist name. This will allow you to control only one artist or band profile at a time.
  • Musician Plus – If you are an old or pretty famous artist with a considerable amount of fans, then you might want this plan. It allows you to upload unlimited songs as the Musician plan with some more perks at a price of $35.99 per year. Like the Musician plan, it also allows you to upload unlimited lyrics, get a Spotify verified checkmark against your artist name, but here is what it offers more. Unlike the Musician plan, this plan provides you synced lyrics for Instagram, Daily Stats for your music sales, allows you to add a customized label name, customized release date, and customized prices for iTunes, also customized pre-order dates. It will enable you to control two artists’ or bands’ profiles.
  • Label – This plan could sound costly but not actually meant for artists. As the name suggests, ‘Label’. This plan is best suited to a label that wants to control profiles of various artists under their contract. Like the other, it will also allow you to upload unlimited songs, give a Spotify verified checkmark on your artist profile, upload unlimited lyrics, synced lyrics for Instagram, Daily updated sale stats for your music, Customizable release date, label name, pre-order date, and even customized iTunes pricing. The only difference in this plan compared to the last ‘Musician Plus’ plan is that it enables you to control 5 to 100 artists or bands under your label at a time. This is precisely why it is only meant for labels, and it can cost you around $79.99 every year.

Competition Among the Distributors

DistroKid is not the only Digital Distributor out there. Many Distributors allow you to get your music to all the famous platforms, and some even allow you to do it for free. This clearly addresses that there is a lot of competition for DistroKid and why it might be the best one or maybe just a better one for you. 

First of all, free distributors are not totally free. They will take some percentage of your hard-earned earnings, yet that is fair when they are not charging any subscription fee, but they are not the best option out there. Many of the free distributors do not have proper support. Moreover, they take a long time to transfer your earnings from the streaming service to your Distributor account and then to your bank or PayPal account.

Whereas DistroKid does all that in a short amount of time and can even be faster depending upon what plan you choose.

Other paid distributors are competitive to DistroKid but still not the best as artists may know streaming services are launching Dolby Atmos tracks on their service for high quality, and for now, no other distributor allows you to get your tracks to the streaming services in Dolby Atmos quality. (Note that DistroKid charges extra for uploading in Dolby Atmos)


DistroKid is one of the best distributors out there compared to others as it offers you a lot of things other distributors would not. Moreover, it has reasonable prices, so there may seem no reason to go to another distributor. However, some artists can not pay for the same and instead would like to pay whenever they earn. In that case, alternatives might be a good idea for some artists. We hope your query does DistroKid accepts prepaid cards is resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is the costliest plan suitable for a new artist?

No, the costliest plan, the Label plan, is only meant for Labels and not for artists. It allows you to control several artists or band profiles at a time which is by no means beneficial to an artist.

Q2. Which is better, Musician or Musician Plus?

Suppose you are an artist who is new to the industry. The musician plan might be the right fit for you, but if you can afford to pay for the Musician Plus, it is not a bad idea as it contains some additional benefits which could be helpful to you.

Does DistroKid Accepts Prepaid Cards?

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