What Happens If You Cash a Fake Check at Walmart?

You believe everybody has a bank account right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. There still are unbanked customers within the US as per the research done. For such and other unhappy bank customers, Walmart becomes their rescue. They no longer need to worry as they can do their financial transactions via Walmart’s money centers. Now see What Happens If You Cash a Fake Check at Walmart?

What Happens If You Cash a Fake Check at Walmart?

Well, for this, consequences exist. Don’t expect to do that and walk scot free without any penalty. Notably, the consequences vary from store to store and therefore this article will look into consequences cutting across all Walmart stores in all states. Such include repayment and many more you will get to know of as you keep reading!

Penalties for Cashing Fake Checks


As stated earlier, this is one of the consequences of cashing fake checks at Walmart. Here, offenders are required to pay back the total amount cashed. However, in an event that you the offender already spent the cash then you will either dip into your pocket to pay the cash or incur additional fees from the overdraft you will have to request for.

Bottom-line: You have to pay back no ifs and buts.

You Can Be Jailed

Cashing a fake check can occur either knowingly or unknowingly. If the latter is the case, your intent is assumed to be of defraud which in most instances is exactly the case. Walmart will eventually after prosecution jail you for that offense.

What Happens If You Cash a Fake Check Unknowingly?

Probably having known what happens to those who cash fake checks knowingly, you are now wondering what if it happens unknowingly? Below is your answer;

Luckily, you are not going to face a jail term since you are a victim of a scam. However, because we are always responsible for our actions, ignorance will never be a scapegoat. You will therefore have to pay back the total amount cashed plus additional fees if you have to request for an overdraft.

Additionally, your credit score will be damaged as your scammer will many times walk scot free. This means that you have to verify your cards before cashing to avoid such penalties. But how will you do this?

How to Verify a Check?

Look at the Edge

Legit checks will have rough edges. If yours has smooth edges, then it must definitely be a fake check printed from a personal computer. This should in this case act as a red alert for you to either stop using it or use the method below for further verification.

Check with Walmart

This is the most effective of them all. You can always contact Walmart to help you verify if the check is genuine and if there are any funds available. Since you went for verification, no penalty will be given if it turns out to be a fake check.

Check Who the Check Came From

You sometimes will get a check from other sources. Maybe it’s a gift from somebody, a company or you received it from winning a lottery. Let’s say it was a check from somebody who asked you to pay some amount of money for its delivery or they ask for some money back. That is a con! Abandon such checks.

Keenly look at the sources of your check, if it is suspicious to you please verify it with Walmart before cashing as this will save you from facing the above penalties.

How Does Walmart Verify Checks?

If they can tell a fake check automatically there is a way they verify these checks. Such ways include:

Use of Machines

Walmart uses advanced machines to do their transactions electronically and this makes it easier to instantly tell whether a check is real or not.

Qualified Staff

Walmart has employed qualified staff who are trained and therefore able to tell a fake check and stop you from cashing it. The staff employs measures such as Identity verification which involves scrutinization of a valid form of photo ID from either your passport or your driver’s license.

Use of Tele Check Systems

These systems verify your account number, transaction amount and routing numbers to detect a fake check on the spot.


In conclusion, there is always a possibility of going with a fake check at Walmart. If that happens, Walmart will always act according to its law and penalize you accordingly. There will be no excuse of ‘I didn’t know’; you have to face the consequences if it happens. Also be aware that scammers use any opportunity to reap where they didn’t sow. Therefore, in any case you suspect your check, kindly verify it to avoid the penalties resulting from cashing a fake check.

What Happens If You Cash a Fake Check at Walmart?

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