Shoprite vs Price Chopper: Differences To Know


Shoprite, like many other grocery stores in the United States, is one of the largest chains that exist. It is headquartered in Woodbridge Township, New Jersey and it has over 400 stores in New Jersey alone. The company was started by John J. “Jack” DePuzza in 1947 and was acquired by Ahold in 1979. Here, we will list out Shoprite v Price Chopper major differences and give a brief about them for you to decide.

Price Chopper Inc., on the other hand, has been around since 1932 when it opened its doors for business to customers who wanted fresh food at affordable prices without all the frills that many of today’s grocery stores offer their customers. Price Chopper is headquartered in Schenectady, New York, and currently has 81 stores in the states of New York, Vermont, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Shoprite vs Price Chopper: Major Differences

Although both of these big grocery store chains may seem similar to the average shopper, there are many differences between them. One way is that Price Chopper has incorporated technology into its operation by encouraging customers to download their Price Chopper mobile app which functions much like a savings card. Those who download have access to weekly specials which they may use at any time they shop at a Price Chopper location. The app also sends alerts to shoppers when their favorite items are on sale.

1. Selection of Products

Shoprite v Price Chopper: Price Chopper offers a wide variety of products from an extensive selection in their meat, produce, seafood, and deli departments. They also have excellent bakery and dairy selections to choose from. Customers can also find delicious prepared foods on the DeliDeLite counter.

Shoprite, on the other hand, offers an even bigger selection of products in most of their regular grocery categories. They offer frozen foods, bakery and dairy products, beverages, and much more. In general, prices are lower than Price Choppers.

2. Prices

Shoprite v Price Chopper: Price Chopper offers a price match guarantee which means they will match any competitor’s prices on identical products. However, they do not offer coupons or loss leaders except during their weekly specials which are advertised in their weekly flier.

Shoprite prices are often less than those at Price Chopper. This is especially true when it comes to the sale of milk and bread products where you can save up to 65% on milk and bread by buying at Shoprite. Also, customers can earn gas rewards points when they purchase Shoprite. This program allows you to earn 250 points for every $25 spent which translates into either 10 cents per gallon off of your next tank of gas or two free gallons of gas when you reach 1000 points.

3. Stores’ Unique Personality

Shoprite v Price Chopper: Price Chopper stores have a family feel. They have gift shops where customers can buy homemade gifts and decorate them any way they like.

Shoprite on the other hand has stores that are more barn-like in appearance. Also, there are no coupons in their store and it is strictly cash till to purchase food items. Prices are less than elsewhere, but you can earn gas rewards points when you purchase at Shoprite which will either pay off your next tank of gas or free fill-ups twice during the year.

4. The Customer Experience

Shoprite v Price Chopper: Price Chopper offers a wonderful customer experience. They have convenient drive-up lanes where customers can select what they need without having to get out of their car. Also, they offer a wide selection of fresh produce on display as well as special hot items which are kept on the deli counter.

During the January sale, shoppers can also find delicious prepared foods on the DeliDeLite counter. This is one of my favorite things about this grocery chain – their deli counter!

Shoprite does not even have a deli counter at all and does not offer prepared food items during their January sale.


In my opinion, Price Chopper has the best in-store customer experience. That is why I give them the edge over Shoprite when it comes to customer care.

However, Shoprite has an even greater selection of products that includes baby formula and snacks for children. Also, there are gas rewards points in their store. This means you can earn free gas when you spend enough money on groceries at Shoprite.

Overall, both of these grocery stores are great places to shop because they offer a wide selection of products at affordable prices whether during a sale or not.

Some FAQs:

1. Is there a Price Chopper in Arizona?

A: No, unfortunately, this store is not present in Arizona.

2. Where are Price Chopper locations?

A: Price Chopper stores are located in New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

3. What are Price Chopper hours?

A: Most stores open at 7 am and close at 10 pm; their Supermarkets close early at 9 pm during the week and stay open until 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. 

4. Does Price Chopper accept credit cards?

A: Yes, they accept all major credit cards like Visa Credit Card, MasterCard Credit Card, and American Express Credit Card.

Shoprite vs Price Chopper: Differences To Know

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