Does Best Buy Negotiate Prices?

Here we will see about the Does Best Buy Negotiate Prices?

Nobody likes the feeling of being overcharged for a product. Little wonder consumers spend a lot of time negotiating prices. And where you can get bargains, you always keep coming for more.

Does Best Buy Negotiate Prices?

Best Buy operates over 1000 stores worldwide, with more than $40B generated, mainly in the United States. These healthy numbers mean they get a lot of customers periodically. You may then wonder, does Best Buy negotiate its prices for said customers?

Read on and get to discover the answer for yourself.

Does Best Buy Negotiate Its Prices?

Best Buy allows for the haggling of prices of their products on real and virtual purchases via a Price Match Guarantee policy.

This Price Match Guarantee policy lets you compare their prices with competitors and solicit a discount. But it is only applicable to new products and not to clearance and open-box items.

Although the policy prevents you from negotiating an open box commodity price, you can still converse with a salesperson to reduce the price without contrasting the same commodity prices at various stores. 

Occasionally online, you may see a product that interests you, but the price is on the high side. Or you see another consumer in a retail Best Buy store paying for a product you like at a price you feel is ridiculous. Both times you may want to negotiate the price, but you do not know how to go about it. The art of negotiating is not always as easy as it might seem. 

Dare I say negotiating is more than an art; it is a skill.

How To Negotiate Prices In Best Buy

It is essential to know how to negotiate before purchasing any product at Best Buy.

These are some ways to know how to go about this process:

Utilize the Price Match policy

As earlier said, the price match policy enables you to match the lower price of a regional competitor or a leading online retailer.

When shopping at Best Buy, it is advisable to check online to get lower prices for the same products you want to buy.

If you are lucky enough to find such low prices, you can use this lower price as a means of negotiating for a lesser price than initially quoted, and perhaps even lesser than their competitors. 

Research on the product you want to buy

You must be fully informed about the price of any product you choose to purchase. 

You can do this by inquiring from other competitors or checking online. This will assist you when negotiating, as you will know the market price of that particular product.

Watch out for defaced packaging.

Sometimes products come to the retail shop straight from the warehouse with their covers damaged due to technical errors. On other occasions, the packaging is damaged in the shop due to human error. And these products are often hidden amongst the rest, unbeknownst to consumers.

When you pick such a product with a damaged cover, this scenario places you in great stead to negotiate for a lesser price. This is because most customers will veer away from choosing it, fearing that the product will be as ruined as the cover. You can leverage this and negotiate at a lesser price.

Visit shops at the end of the month.

Just like in many establishments, sales personnel often have a sales quota that they target. This is not different at Best Buy.

Managers are more open to negotiating the sale of products at a lesser price when you visit at month’s end because they are chasing an end-of-month sales quota.

Target more expensive products

You are more likely to negotiate a higher discount on an expensive product than you will for a cheap one because of a more significant profit margin.

Therefore, target more expensive products and negotiate a healthy number. You’ll realize that you don’t end up paying through your nose. Now that we have shown you the best ways to negotiate prices at Best Buy, this begs the question, how much of a discount can you get at Best Buy?

How Much Of A Discount Does Best Buy Offer?

It is not enough to know that Best Buy provides discounts; you must know the number of discounts it offers.

The total amount of discounts for consumers is conditional on the Price Match policy and your haggling abilities as a customer.  Thus, if you contemplate matching the prices, the total discount will hinge on how other retailers sell the same commodity.

You can constantly get a discount if you discuss with the seller and bid for a price decrease. You can purchase a product lower than the selling price, depending on your negotiation skills. In addition, you are more likely to get discounts on prices when you explore bundles and package deals instead of buying single commodities on sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions consumers often ask concerning negotiating at Best Buy.

  • Does Best Buy Negotiate Its Prices?

Yes, they do. But they follow a Price Match policy that applies to all items bar open-box products.

  • What Is The Price Match Policy?

It is a policy that enables you to contradict prices with other rivals’ prices online or in-store and ask for a deduction. 

  • Can You Negotiate An Open Box Product At Best Buy?

You can negotiate with the sales personnel to reduce the price, without comparing the price with an identical product in another store.


Best Buy enables negotiations of their prices, as stipulated by their Price Match Guarantee policy. However, you must ensure to follow the guidelines of this policy to get the discounts.

Does Best Buy Negotiate Prices?

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