Does Chipotle have Wi-Fi?

In this article, we will see Does Chipotle have Wi-Fi?

Chipotle Mexican grill, famously known as Chipotle is an American-based casual fast food chain, with its outlets in Canada, United States, Europe, France and many more places as well.

Does Chipotle have wifi?

The company specializes in Mexican food like tacos and burritos that are made in front of the customer himself. The company has derived its name “Chipotle” from the Nahuati name for a smoked and dried jalapeno chilli pepper. The company is listed on the new York stock exchange under the ticker symbol CMG.

Does Chipotle have Wi-Fi?

Well, if your looking for top quality Mexican food with a Youtube video to watch along with it, chipotle is not the place for you. Although it has awesome Mexican food, which tastes mind-blowing and is one of the world’s best, it does not have wifi within its restaurants or dining rooms, and according to the company this is because their dining rooms are generally very busy, a customer comes, sits, eats and as he is about to leave, the next customer is already waiting to occupy the spot for his meal too and on top of that the company believes in quality dining, and internet according to them hampers quality dining and that is another reason why they don’t have wifi’s in their restaurants or outlets.

Connection between food and the internet

Many times, people ask, what is the connection between food and the internet? and why companies are rapidly upgrading their restaurants and outlets with wifi fittings? The answer is, the changing mindset of a customer. Believe it or not in today’s technologically advanced world, everyone and I mean everyone, be it a old or a young person, needs something to get his eyes glued to while eating food, be it a Youtube video or a Netflix series episode.

And people have become so addicted to watching something while they eat, that now even if they have a snack that will get over in 5 minutes or less, they want something to watch for that 5 minutes as well and therefore fast food companies over the world, are upgrading their outlets with wifi fittings, in order to cater to this very need of the customer.

Everyone knows that this habit is bad and should not be done, but the customers on one hand can’t let go of it and the companies are gaining profits out of it so they don’t want it to stop, as simple as that.

But chipotle is trying real hard to maintain the old essence of fine dining and talking to your loved ones and family while you eat, while other fast food giants like burger king, Mc Donald’s, Taco bell, all have almost upgraded their entire outlets around the world with wifi within them, chipotle has still not done so.

But I think the company won’t survive for long doing this, because the customer now does not want a fine dine experience while he eats, he wants uninterrupted internet service for him to watch his favourite shows or videos without any interruption, and if the company does not do so fast and quick, it will surely face terrible problems in the future. Some of it is already facing now, according to a survey an average American customer goes to chipotle once a month, whereas he goes to Mc Donald’s twice a week, so the company is facing declining customer rates and will continue facing it if it doesn’t upgrade.

Operations and distributions

The company has ownership of all the restaurants that it runs across states, as of December 2012, the company had 1430 restaurants in 43 state locations.

The field team works closely but not directly with the specified restaurants. The team of employees includes team leaders, apprentice team leaders, team directors, area managers, and regional directors.

Since the company does not franchise its brand to anyone else, the company whenever launches an outlet in a new location hires a new person as a general manager and trains him, so that they be ready to take on the work at the new location as soon as it opens and is ready for business. The main corporate office takes care of finding and funding the new locations.

The main items sold by the company are tacos, burritos, bowls, quesadillas, and salads. The price of each is different from that of another and mainly depends on the choice of chicken, pork carnitas, or vegetarian. Toppings on top of your dish are offered free of charge. Toppings like, cheese, lettuce, 4 types of salsa, rice, beans, etc.

Chipotle also accepts fax orders and in 2005, started the ability to order on their website, the customer when he comes to collect his food comes to the front of the queue, pays for his food, and takes it with him. In 2009 and 2013, the customer launched applications for online ordering for both apple and android devices, this app helps to locate a chipotle store near you, place your order pay for it, and then just go and collect your food from that outlet, when it’s ready.


Although due to not installing wifi’s in its outlets the company has lost some customers, but still if someone wants to eat true Mexican food, the first thought in his mind is chipotle, the company has made such a name for itself in the market, that only the name of the company holds so much, and I think in the future is it slowly-slowly upgrades itself it will never shut down and will always cater and feed the people with delicious Mexican food.

Frequently asked questions

Q1) Does chipotle give refunds

A) Yes, if you receive your order late, or an item in your order is missing, or your order is not delivered in perfect condition, in short, if it’s the fault of the company with your order, and you don’t want an exchange for it, they will refund the amount of the order immediately.

Does Chipotle have Wi-Fi?

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