Does Tesco sell Amazon gift cards?

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Tesco PLC is a multinational grocery and general merchandise selling, with headquarters situated in Welwyn Garden city, England. The company is a British origin firm. According to gross revenues available in data, it is the world’s third-largest retailer and the ninth-largest in terms of revenues earned per year.

Does Tesco sell Amazon gift cards?

The company has its shops in five countries across the European continent and is the leading grocery seller in the United Kingdom, where it has a market share of 28.4% on the entire market The company dominates the UK grocery market and holds a major stake in the growing economy of the country.

Selling of Amazon gift cards

Tesco does sell Amazon gift cards, in most of its shops that are owned and operated under its name across the country. The customers can find these gift cards at the cash registers or in the aisles next to the gift cards. Tesco tends to typically stock gift cards in denominations from 20-100 pounds. The company across its outlets sells a variety of gift cards, like

Costa Coffee


Home sense




These gift cards are provided by the company to its customers. The value of the cart can be redeemed at any mentioned outlet of the company for the available value on the card. For example, if the customer has a Nike gift card worth 60 pounds, then he can redeem an item from any Nike outlet worth up to 60 Pounds. So yes the company does sell amazon gift cards.

Relationship between gift cards and companies

Often, questions are asked as to why companies provide gift cards to their customers? What is the motive and reason behind all this? The answer is the loyalty of the customer. Often the customer shops for various commodities every now and then, and if they receive an additional reward for their shopping they tend to be happy.

And what does this happiness do, it does two things for a company mainly. Firstly, it makes the customer loyalty towards the brand. Meaning the customer will not go and shop anywhere else rather than that store, due to the frequent rewards he or she receives on shopping at that store and secondly the customer tends to get more customers to the store which in turn results in more profit for the company. These additional customers are bought through verbal publicity that the customer does of the store.

Meaning he will go and tell a few of his friends to shop at the company’s store and why because, one tends to receive rewards on shopping and if these friends of the customer go and shop at the store, then automatically the revenues of the company increase due to these additional customer purchases.

And this chain is never-ending, one after the other, the customers tend to publicize the store and the rewards they offer and as it is said, mouth publicity spreads much faster than media or digital publicity, it tends to spread like wildfire.

And this publicity often leads to exceptional revenues to be earned by the company. Majorly, these big brands like Gucci, Versace, Nike, Adidas, all have become worldwide big brand names, and verbal publicity has a major role to play here in these brands attaining greater heights. So, these are the reasons why companies often offer gift cards to their customers and that are also free of cost.

These small gift cards often give companies huge profits and loyal customers who give them business till their existence. So this is why this gift card strategy is so very important and is practiced by the majority of the firms in their field of business.


So overall Tesco can be termed as a successful venture and today it has covered the entire European continent and looks to expand further as well. Tesco has brilliantly diversified its stores into small, medium, and large according to the customers. And the range of products made available at each store is according to the diversification and the number of customers that come there and what they majorly buy. Tesco has understood the nerve of its customers which has made it a success.

The selling of gift cards is what Tesco does brilliantly to retain its customers, it sells gift cards of various companies to its customers. As far as giving away amazon gift cards is concerned, it does also provide amazon gift cards to its customers if they ask for them. The company further plans to expand into other countries as well and shoot up its revenues to the sky.

It also plans to increase its employee strength and diversify its businesses even further. It plans to make all commodities in the world available to a customer under one roof so that the customer has to go nowhere else in search of a single commodity or two and this will also eliminate competition to a great extent for the firm. This is its vision.

Frequently asked questions

Q1) What are the shop timings of Tesco?

A) Well, the company has adjusted its shop timings according to the various locations in which it has opened its stores. At various destinations, timings differ from one another due to the customer volume at certain times. So the exact shop timings cannot be determined because of location changes from one another.

Q2) Is Tesco one person, per household?

A) yes, the company has limited one customer to one trolley, to limit the shoppers in the store and the company has also asked the shoppers to shop alone as far as possible.

Q3) How to contact Tesco customer service?

A) the number provided by the company, which is 00441992632222 can help a customer connect with a service executive and get his or her queries solved on the phone itself.

Q4) Can someone else select my Tesco order?

A)someone else can select your Tesco order as long as he has the confirmation email and the order number with him.

Does Tesco sell Amazon gift cards?

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