Where We claim code on Amazon gift card?

Here we will see about the Where We claim code on Amazon gift card?

Congratulations for earning an Amazon gift card but wait do you know how it works?

Where We claim code on Amazon gift card?

Amazon gift cards are the prepaid vouchers that provide you a healthy discount for your next purchase.  You may receive these gift cards on your email sent by Amazon or any of your friends/relatives, but after receiving these cards you have to redeem that amount into your Amazon account. 

You may receive a gift card by email or by vouchers but to get its benefits you first have to redeem it. If you have received a gift card directly from Amazon it will have a claim code, this claim code helps you to use these gift cards.

Let us understand what claim code is and how to use it.

A claim code on an Amazon gift card is a digit code issued by Amazon that can be redeemed for a specified redemption value. 

First you have to locate this code, in plastic cards it may be present at the back of the card you need to scratch it off. In redeeming digital code you have to select the code from email and copy it to the claim code section.

Steps to transfer gift card balance to Amazon account using claim code.

  1. Open Amazon site or app.
  2. Log into your account or sign up if you don’t have one.
  3. Click on your account tab on site and if you are using app then tap on the three lines present on top of the left
  4. Now click on redeem a gift card or tap on gift cards.
  5. Enter the claim code of your card in the claim code section.
  6. Click or tap on apply to your balance 
  7. Now the gift card’s balance is added to your account and check that amount in the gift card section.

How to use claim code for purchase of a product?

This method can be used only for the prepaid orders

  1. Open Amazon site or app.
  2. Log into your account or sign up if you don’t have one.
  3. Add the items you want to buy into your cart.
  4. Go to the cart and proceed to buy.
  5. During checkout click or tap on enter code section.
  6. Enter the claim code of your gift card.
  7. Now place your order.

 Redemption issues one may face

Voucher has been already used: –

while redeeming the gift card if this message pops up on your screen that means the gift card is already used by someone, to check if it’s used by you, you can check your gift card balance.

Scratched claim code:-

if you scratched the code while scratching the card and it’s unreadable, in that case you just need to contact customer care and provide them following details like 

  1. Serial no. of card
  2. Order no.
  3. Buyer’s name and asked details
  4. Email/ residential address etc. 
  1. Gift card balance is not transferable: – while redeeming a gift card make sure you are transferring the amount in a right account because once the voucher is redeemed the amount from the gift card is not transferable.
  2. Gift card expired:- gift cards are only valid for 1 year after that they expires and cannot be claimed after that, so make sure you claim it within the time period of 1 year. If somehow it expired you can request for revalidation.

Common gift card scams and how to save yourself from one

Fraud calls

you may receive a phone call from the scammers and by any way they will try to ask for your claim code by fooling you, just remember one thing Amazon never calls and ask anything about your gift card until you report a problem so don’t share your claim code with anyone.

Unsolicited emails

scammers can send you emails giving you some offers for using gift cards for a purchase, just don’t do that because once you provide them your gift card they will vanish, and also report them in the scam section.

Fake gift cards

there are many scammers or unauthorized sellers who are selling gift cards for cheap that will be of no use later so make sure you buy a gift card from authorized seller or from the website.

Offering money in exchange of gift card

if you receive a call or email offering you money in exchange of gift card beware it is a scam, the gift card can be claimed only by the methods listed above keep that in mind.

Q- What to do in a situation in which you have shared a claim code with a scammer.

  1. Well in that case try to claim the gift card before scammer. If the claim code is used, report this problem to the law enforcement agency via cyber crime portal or report it to the 24×7 customer service team.
Where We claim code on Amazon gift card?

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