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This is an American lingerie company that was founded in the year 2017 by Heidi Zak and David Spector with the aim of transforming the lingerie-making industry. Currently headquartered in New York, The company runs its operations mainly in the United States, but the company has taken massive strides in the last couple of years to expand its area of services offered. The company was also recently featured on the Forbes website, where the company said that the main focus was to transform the lingerie industry by providing perfect-fit, comfortable lingerie for women of all sizes.

The company provides free returns/refunds on all of its orders. Users can choose to have any damaged product replaced within 30 days of receiving the product, while the deadline is 14 days for swimsuits. There are no returns possible, however, on final sale items such as underwear bottoms, gift cards, etc.


To return a product to the company, one can simply head over to its website and follow these simple steps:

  • Select the item to be returned
  • Head over to the options and select the “Return” option
  • If one wishes to opt for a refund, then choose whether to have the money returned to the original bank account or to have it stored as credits
  • If the item is to be replaced, select the appropriate reason and proceed to select the new product
  • Pack the product in the original package making sure that the tags and stickers are all kept intact
  • After all the choices are made, print the return label and attach it to the original packet

The return or refund request will start processing as soon as the original product is received at the company’s stores/warehouses.

Time: Once the package has been sent back, it usually takes around 5-7 days for the refund amount to be accredited back to the consumer’s account. It usually takes a lot less time if one opts to have the money stored as credits instead. The choice is entirely upon the user.

On the other hand, replacement requests usually take around 8-10 days for the customer to receive the new product. The delay in time is something that the company needs to work on to provide better customer service in the future.

Charges: No additional charges are charged for replace/refund requests in the US, as the company would send its delivery executives to collect the order. However, if the order value is less than $50, customers may need to pay a small amount for delivery. For requests in Canada, however, the users would need to pay the delivery fees. Although, it must be noted that the users can have the money back by making use of Canada’s Casual Refund Program, which allows users to recoup entire duties and GST charged on the package.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We looked at the most common questions that are asked on the internet about the company and its services. In this section, a few such questions have been provided along with their relevant answers. 

Question. Does the company have any offline stores where products can be returned?

As of present, the company runs the entirety of its operations online and there are no physical stores present. As such, one can only use the online methods mentioned in the article to send an article for a refund/replacement. However, there is a chance that physical stores of the brand will be opened soon at a few locations.

Question. Where are the return policies demonstrated before buying the product?

The return policies of the company are mentioned on its official website. All the necessary steps have been mentioned explicitly and the necessary FAQs which may arise have been answered on the website as well. If any customer has any question about the policies mentioned on the website, then he/she can contact the assistance helplines, i.e., either through email or phone. 

Question. Cuup products are quite sought-after. Are they worth the hype?

Several surveys conducted have reiterated the company’s claim that the garments produced are very comfortable indeed. Few surveys have even gone on to say that CUUP bras are the best underwire bras that one can get in the market. The positive user feedback on the review websites also bears testimony to the reputation that the brand enjoys among its users.

Question. Are the delivery services provided by the company reliable?

The standard delivery time for an order is around 8-10 days, but the customers can choose to have their packages delivered earlier by paying some extra charges. Items are usually delivered on time unless there are any disruptions due to weather, road blockages, or any unavoidable circumstances. The company usually provides free shipping for any orders that exceed $50. Elsewise, the shipping charges are $2.99 for each package.

Cuup Return Policy

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