Does Amazon Buy Books Textbooks

We all know, Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world and also a very popular online marketplace. But many people have missed an important knowledge about Amazon.Does Amazon Buy Books Textbooks,started its story with a very small online books-selling store. Today there are millions of products on Amazon. But still, the book is the second most profit making category of Amazon. 

Does Amazon Buy Books Textbooks

Do you have many books lying here and there that you don’t refer? You want to sell those books and look for a platform for them. If you’re wondering that, will amazon purchase such books or not. We all give credit to Amazon for being such an excellent e-commerce platform. So the information regarding that is given further that will surely help you.

How to sell books on Amazon 

50% of book sales are controlled by Amazon. Are you serious about making profit with Amazon? Then you should definitely keep aside 1 hr. 57min per day for your Amazon business. Why? Creating a successful side income or side business requires 11 hours per week. 

So, to sell books on Amazon, first, you will have to create an Amazon seller account. The next step is to list your books. That will take you hardly 4-5 minutes. For this, you will need the ISBN of the book and you will add this number in the catalog section of your dashboard.

First and foremost, you will select its conditions. You have two options for conditions on this page. That is new and used. Once you select an option, you will click on sell on Amazon. Does Amazon Buy Books Textbooks will refer you further to the more details page. After that, you have to give three primary pieces of information.

How to sell books on Amazon? Used like new. In this case, there can be slight wear and tear on the outside wrapping. But original packing should be intact. There should be no damage to the book. There should be no marks or wear and tear of any kind. 

What types of books can you sell on Amazon

I. Textbooks- If there’s any gold standard in the case of used books, then no one can beat textbooks. These books are in demand throughout the year and sales of these books overshoot as the school and college exams approach. At this time, students do not bother about the high price either.

II. Niche books- Those books which are printed in less quantity.

III. Comic books- You can make a decent profit by selling Books and in case you have collectible issues then you can make more profit.

IV. Hardcovers- The price of hardcover books is Higher than paper books and more valuable.

V. Children’s books

VI. Non-fiction books- non-fiction books perform well w.r.t fiction books. But that doesn’t mean, fiction books are useless.

Here are 7 steps to selling your book on Amazon 

1. Decide which types of books you want to sell

2. Create your Amazon seller account

3. How you will fulfill your orders

4. Set your book pricing

5. List your books on Amazon

6. Promote and market your books

7. Pack and ship your books

Types of books that don’t sell well on Amazon

• Fiction- Performance of fiction book is poor w.r.t non-fiction books. These are certain reasons behind it. Fiction books have high print runs. This means, there are more copies in circulation. So, if the number of books is high, then competition will be high as well. After reading the fiction book, readers usually pass on the Books or resell them. On the other hand, readers kept the non-fiction books to themselves to refer to again and again. 

• Cookbooks- Cookbooks perform poorly on Amazon. The reason is might be YouTube and other video platforms where people like to see and learn about food. 

• Mass Market paperbacks- Cookbooks perform poorly on Amazon but here comes the worst, mass market paperback. Why? It has a high print run means a High number of copies in circulation that ultimately leads to super high competition. It has a very low price.


So, we can see that the Does Amazon Buy Books Textbooks platform is a mixed bag. Certain books can be sold on this platform but not all can be sold. But there are certainly other platforms too which you can refer to. So what are you waiting for? This is a golden opportunity to get rid of some old books.

Frequently asked questions: – 

1. What kind of books can be sold on Amazon?

Ans. Textbooks, comic books, niche books, hardcovers

2. Do they accept nonfiction books too?

Ans. Yes

3. Do they accept the books anytime in the day?

Ans. No

4. can we sell cookbooks on Amazon?

Ans. No, they do not accept cookbooks

Does Amazon Buy Books Textbooks

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