Does Michael Kors Accept Afterpay Financing

An American fashion designer, who goes by the name Michael David Kors, established the company MICHAEL KORS. The Does Michael Kors Accept Afterpay Financing company sells men’s and women’s ready-to-wear footwear, fragrance accessories, watches, jewelry, etc. Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, and Versace are the 3 brands led by their founders that come under the Capri holdings.

Does Michael Kors Accept Afterpay Financing

Acceptance of After pay financing

So After pay, offers short-term financing options to its shoppers at selected and affiliated retailers. Customers can use After pay to pay for their purchases in a store and then later pay the money back to the company in six weeks. So, Does Michael Kors Accept Afterpay Financing or not? Well till March 2021 the company did not accept the After pay financing method as a form of payment for purchases made from it. But due to high demand by the customers, the company finally agreed and went live with After pay to start accepting it as a form of payment for purchases. So currently the company does accept After pay as a form of payment for purchases that are made in-store or on their website.

Other modes of payment at Michael Kors

The company accepts a variety of forms of payments from its customers for the purchase they make from the firm. The company accepts all American and Canadian debit and credit cards, apart from this it also accepts UPI payments through PayPal, Apple pay, Affirm, etc. the customer can also use the Michael Kors credit card and gift card as a form of payment for his purchases.

Apart from all this, the best mode of payment for purchases can also be used by the customer, which is cash. He can pay the required amount entirely in cash at the store itself during checkout and then can take the products along with him. So apart from After Pay, these are the accepted modes of payments by the company.

Mode of operation

Now let’s understand the mode of operation of the company. Does Michael Kors Accept Afterpay Financing follows a similar mode of operation to any other business or retail company in the world. The customer comes, chooses the products he wants, pays the required amount for it, and after everything is done takes the products with him.

In recent years, the company has also bought in online ordering and delivery, where the customer can add the required items to his cart on the official website of the company and then after the payment for it is done, he can either get those products home-delivered or pick the same from a store nearby.

Products sold by the company and best time to shop at Michael Kors

The company sells a variety of products, under its brand name. these products include pretty much everything. From shoes to handbags and from ready-to-wear to accessories. Apart from all this the company also sells, watches, activewear, suits and shirts, and jewelry. But since Michael Kors is a luxury brand, the prices often range from 800 to 3000 dollars for one item, which from the viewpoint of the common man is high.

Talking about the best time to shop at the company, it’s pretty obvious. To shop at any luxury brand, the best time is during the sale. Michael Kors has a sale twice a year, one mid-year, in June and the second at the end of the year, in December. At these times products are offered at heavy discounts due to the need for clearing of old stock, to make space for the new. So the sale is the best time to shop at Michael Kors or any luxury brand because you’ll get better deals and excellent quality items at a lesser price than usual.

Pandemic effect

Like any other company, Michael Kors also suffered the wrath of the pandemic during its initial stages, when the rules were strict and people were socially distancing. The company witnessed a loss of almost 2 million dollars in revenues and a 12% decline in sales due to the pandemic. But as of now, when the rules are easing up a bit and everything is going back to normal, the company has also got a hold of itself and has made its way back into the profit-making times and also up its quotient in sales.


In conclusion, Michael Kors is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry, it has now started the acceptance of After pay after a lot of pressure put by the customers. Apart from that, it accepts a variety of other payment methods by customers for purchases at its stores or online, and the sale which occurs twice a year is when the company experiences almost 40% of its sale of products. It sells a variety of luxury products under its name. The company is amongst the top brands, in terms of product quality and manufacture.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Q1) Can I return the sale item to the company?

A) The company does not accept back sale items as returns or exchanges and all sale items sold are considered as final sales by the company.

Q2) Does Mk bags have a serial number on them?

A) Like every other company in the market, MK also has a serial number as well as an original label which is present inside the bag purchased by the customer.

Q3) How long does it take Michael Kors to deliver?

A) It often takes 5-7 business days for the delivery of a product but, by paying some extra amount the customer can also choose the two-day delivery option and the same-day delivery option provided by the company, by which the product arrives within two days or the same day the order, is placed respectively. But for that service, the customer has to pay an extra charge.

Does Michael Kors Accept Afterpay Financing

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