Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?- How to use it?

Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?

Many people in the U.S. shop at Walgreens for health products and to get the prescriptions filled. Here, let’s know ‘Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?’

You might be wondering if Walgreens supports digital wallets because so many people are using them to make payments.

NFC technology gets used by Apple Pay to send payments from its app to the shop.

Because Walgreens is one of the most popular pharmacy chains in the country (with over 8000 locations), you might be wondering if they accept Apple Pay. 

Here’s what I discovered!

Is Apple Pay Accepted at Walgreens?

Walgreens accepts Apple Pay on its site and in-store. It is not yet permitted for online orders of photographic products. People may use their balance reward points with Apple Pay to get a 4% payback at Walgreens when they use the Apple Card.

Get to know more about how to use Apple Pay at Walgreens, get your Balance Reward points, and earn 4% cashback.

Why is Apple Pay Accepted At Walgreens?

There are various reasons why a shop like Walgreens may accept Apple Pay as a form of payment.

Walgreens accepts Apple Pay for a variety of reasons.

1. Offers many customers

Walgreens expects its shops to be the first stop for those looking for health-related items and medications.

To entice more customers to visit its stores, the company has introduced new payment options.

iPhone users, for example, prefer to make payments with their phones.

With the help of their smartphone, purchasing items, whether it’s an iPhone or an Apple Watch, will be simple and easy.

That’s why many Apple fans choose to shop in stores that accept Apple Pay. Rather than turning away Apple fans, Walgreens wants to bring them.

E-wallets will also get invited. Walgreens welcomes every consumer who utilizes a digital wallet because their store offers NFC technology.

That means that, if they don’t already, they may be willing to accept forms of payment like Android Pay and Google Wallet in the future. Walgreens increases its competitiveness by making it easy for individuals to buy its items and opening its locations to Apple Pay users.

2. There are no competitors for digital wallets.

Walgreens does not have a digital wallet of its own.

Many merchants refuse to consider Apple Pay for a reason since they already use their e-wallets.

They don’t want to allow Apple Pay since it will discourage users from utilizing their digital wallets.

A digital wallet is not available at Walgreens. As a result, Apple Pay isn’t in competition with anything. Walgreens is willing to accept Apple Pay customers because there is no conflict.

3. Getting ready for the future

More individuals are opting for contactless payment methods. It’s more secure, quicker, and more convenient.

Customers can use a variety of payment options on smartphones without having to bring their credit cards with them. It’s also safer because they’re not using a physical gadget to swipe anything.

NFC technology isn’t going away anytime soon. If nothing else, its reputation and use will likely increase.

Walgreens has welcomed change and is making preparations for the future. It would help keep its stores working in a market where those that haven’t converted to NFC technology can find it challenging to retain consumers or grow.

4. Sanitation

Finally, Walgreens accepts Apple Pay since it is a more secure payment.

Because consumers need to handle items, the cashier lane gets infected with bacteria. They must use their fingers to select from payment options on the screen.

Then they must swipe their card or enter a PIN by touching the card reader. Touching is no longer necessary with Apple Pay.

When a customer uses Apple Pay, the only thing they touch is their phone. It significantly improves the cleanliness of the checkout line.

Because fewer individuals are touching the terminals, it also allows personnel to clean the space more efficiently.

It might help Walgreens save time & expense. It also improves the store’s appeal to customers.

Many customers expect Walgreens to be at the top of offering a clean shopping experience because they provide health-related products. As a result, their customers remain loyal to them.

Walgreens accepts Apple Pay since it allows them to keep their stores cleaner.

Here’s How To Use Apple Pay?

1. Install the app

First, you need to install the app. In most cases, the program is already on the device.

2. Integrate Payment Options

The next step is to link the various payment methods you like to use to make purchases to your account. Your payment cards get included in this.

As not all shops allow direct bank transfers, the best choice is to pay with a credit card. You can fill the wallet with as many cards as you want.

3. Go shopping

You can start purchasing at Walgreens once it’s linked. You don’t need to do anything with your mobile wallet at this point.

You are free to shop as usual.

4. Finish the checkout procedure

When you get to the counter, the cashier will gather your items and check them.

You can inform them you’re paying using Apple Pay when it’s time to pay. A prompt will appear on the reader. Hold your Apple Pay app close to the reader and open it.

You’ll either place your thumb on the trackpad or scan your face to authorize the payment. To confirm, Apple Pay leverages biometric security. It ensures that payment can only get confirmed by you.

A green mark will appear on your phone screen as soon as the transaction is complete.

You will notice a vibration if you are wearing an Apple Watch. To tell the cashier that you are paying with Apple Pay, you may have to tap a button on the screen for transferring funds and confirming the payment application.


Walgreens accepts Apple Pay in shops, their smartphone app, and their site. You can also collect bonus points by connecting your Balance Card to Apple Pay. Registering for an Apple Card might let you earn money at Walgreens with every transaction. There are numerous benefits of using Apple Pay at Walgreens, so give it a shot and see what you can learn.

Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay?- How to use it?

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