Does Walmart Install Car Stereos?- How to Setup?

Does Walmart Install Car Stereos?

Walmart’s in-store Auto Maintenance Centers provide expert services at low pricing, offering different auto care services such as repairs and installations. Here, let’s know ‘Does Walmart Install Car Stereos?’

You may learn whether Walmart offers this service, how to use it, and other information about it.

Everything you need to understand is right here!

Is It True That Walmart Installs Car Stereos?

Walmart offers car radio installation packages, InstallerNet, a partner, provides this service, which can only be ordered online when purchasing a range of vehicle stereos. Furthermore, no Walmart Auto Care Center locations offer in-store car radio installation.

When purchasing your car audio, you will need to buy this service online. You probably wouldn’t be able to get the radio fitted at a Walmart, so keep that in mind. Instead, Installernet will visit your location and set up your car audio.

To get the InstallerNet facility, you’ll have to buy it when you order your radio from Walmart online. After you’ve purchased the stereo, you’ll need to schedule a time for someone to visit and install it for you.

How Much Will It Take To Setup A Walmart Car Stereo?

A regular installation will cost you $65 if you arrange an appointment with InstallerNet via Walmart website.

If you want a higher-tech radio in your vehicles, such as Wireless or built-in mapping, the installment will cost around $100.

Furthermore, prices depend on the vehicle radio you desire, locations, and the type of vehicle you own.

Is It Possible To Buy Car Radios At Walmart?

Walmart is an excellent place to get car audio. Walmart sells car stereos in both its physical locations and online. Walmart has hundreds or thousands of car radios to pick.

On the website, there are over 1,000 car stereos for sale, with some of them being sold and transported by third-party companies.

Is It Possible To Purchase Radio Setup Toolboxes At Walmart?

Stereo installation kits can be purchased at Walmart if desired. You can get one for roughly $5.

Car radio installation instructions can be accessed on their website at any time to walk you through the procedure. Individual tools, cables, and other similar items are also available for purchase at Walmart to assist you with your installation.

What Kinds of Auto Repairs Does Walmart Provide?

While Walmart’s vehicle audio installation is restricted, its 2,700 in-Auto Care Services offer a variety of other car-related services.

Tire installation and repair, tire balancing, batteries placement, lubrication system, and even auto key copying are just a few of the benefits obtainable. They also provide various treatment treatments, oil and grease services, wiper blade, bulb, and other installation services.

All the automotive maintenance services are under $50, and some are free! However, the prices will not include equipment.

How to Set Up a Car Radio at Walmart

As we all know, Walmart solely sells InstallerNet’s vehicle audio installation services. 

  • When you buy the repair services, you will receive a message with instructions as to how to schedule an installation appointment.
  • Your installation code and guidelines for booking an appointment with a specialist will be included in the email.
  • You can then call the technician directly to discuss any additional specifics, if necessary, and begin the task.
  • The installation will then be done properly and efficiently by a skilled expert. InstallerNet will “guarantee expert assistance and optimum convenience,” according to Walmart.
  • The installation procedure may get finished in a single trip, or you may be required to keep the car at the service center until it gets completed. You can plan it around your schedule.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Installing a Car Radio At Walmart

There are a few notable advantages to having your car radio installed by Walmart.


  • For a modest cost, you can add extra security plans.
  • Walmart and InstallerNet possess outlets throughout the country, making their services accessible within a few miles.
  • The installation of your stereo is not the responsibility of a single person. The installation task is the responsibility of the organization.
  • Take the help of technicians with a deep understanding of the industry norms and the most up-to-date technologies.
  • InstallerNet technicians have excellent work ethics and well-planned appointments that reduce wait times.
  • After-sales service gets included, as well as a lifetime labor warranty.


  • InstallerNet may not have a technician available to attend to your work right away.
  • Walmart customer service may be tough to reach or respond to on time. (However, keep in mind that InstallerNet is in charge of the installation, and you can reach out to them at any point.)

Is Installing a Car Stereo at Walmart Worth It?

Walmart Car Radio Installation is well worth the money if you are unfamiliar with wiring. When weighing the benefits and drawbacks of having Walmart set up your new radio, it’s clear that the benefits outweigh the cons.

If you do choose the Walmart car audio installation service, you can also avoid the hassle of hiring a qualified technician to install it according to manufacturer specifications.


While Walmart’s in-store Auto Care Facilities do not install car stereos, they provide installation services through InstallerNet on their site.

To order a car audio installation from Walmart, add the service to your basket, check out as usual, and wait for email instructions.

You can also buy vehicle radio setup tools and kits at Walmart if you prefer to do it yourself.

Does Walmart Install Car Stereos?- How to Setup?

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