Samsung Loyalty Program

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Introduction :-

Samsung is a South Korean global industrial firm with its headquarters in Samsung Town, Seoul. It consists of a number of connected enterprises, the majority of which are grouped together under the Samsung brand. It has the fifth greatest worldwide brand value in the world. Some of the industries that employ people include entertainment, financial services, hospitality, information and communications technology, medical and health care services, retail, shipbuilding, and semiconductor foundry. The products are Automobiles, chemicals, consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors, solid state drives, DRAM, flash memory, ships, telecommunications equipment, and home appliances are all examples of industries that use semiconductors.

Samsung Loyalty Program

 Samsung Loyalty Program:- 

Samsung loyalty program is a reward program which is sponsored by the Samsung Electronics America, Inc. It is programme in which the customers can  earn points for purchasing Samsung products and using Samsung services. Later the points can be used to make purchases on and the Samsung Shop app.The customers can redeem points looking into the “Rewards Catalogs” as described below.

Participation in the Program and Eligibility :- 

  1. Legal residents of the fifty (50) United States who are eighteen (18) years of age or older are eligible to participate in the programme. Residents of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands may not be eligible for all parts of the Program. Wherever the law forbids it, it is null and void. A valid Samsung Account ID from is required for participation. Accounts are free, however there are certain restrictions. If you don’t already have a Samsung Account, go to and create one using the links and instructions there. NOTE: A complete first and last name is required in your Samsung Account profile. You may be removed from the Program if your Samsung Account does not match this criteria.
  2. Registration. To participate in this Program they have to  create a Rewards Account, the Participant must register with the email address associated with his or her Samsung Account online ( or, through the Samsung Pay application (the “Pay App”), or through the Shop Samsung application (the “Shop Samsung App”), and agree to these Terms and Conditions.
  3. The Personal information of the participants is collected in accordance to generate the reward account as per the Sponsor privacy program 
  4. The participants will receive notification as per accepting the signup procedure in the program as it is done so that Samsung can push messages and notification of various offers.
  5. Participants may use the Privacy Portal to submit requests for privacy rights as allowed by law. If Participants request that their Samsung Rewards Account be removed, all of their data related with that account will be destroyed instantly and permanently. All the previous information will be erased with the reward points .If in future the participants want to re-enroll they have to start the process from beginning with zero reward points.

The Program’s Duration, Modifications, and Termination :-

  1. Sponsor also maintains the right to suspend or alter the Program at any time, with or without warning, at its sole discretion. A Participant’s capacity to redeem accumulated Points may be affected by termination, modification, or suspension. They can earn points whenever they want to redeem them in the given timeframe allotted by the company.
  1. The continuation of a Participant’s participation in the Program signifies acceptance of any changes to these Rules.

Earning points :- 

  • Points can be earned by using Samsung-branded mobile apps. There may be device and software limitations, and you may need a U.S. carrier’s mobile plan to participate in to the earn points procedure. Make any purchase that uses Samsung Checkout while logged into your Samsung Account with the updated version or any purchase that uses Samsung Checkout within any Samsung or non-Samsung mobile app downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy Store and you will earn Samsung Rewards Points (herein “Qualified Galaxy Purchase”). The amount paid with various methods like credit or debit card, PayPal, or Samsung Pay will determine the amount of your Qualified Galaxy Purchase. When calculated the value after the purchase , any promotional credits, Galaxy Store vouchers, or Samsung Rewards Points will be ignored.

(i) For each $1 of your Qualified Galaxy Purchase placed into your Samsung Rewards Point account, you will receive 3 Samsung Rewards Points;

(ii) All purchases made through the Galaxy Store App are non-refundable; and

(iii) Following the completion of a Qualified Galaxy Purchase, you will receive a push message confirming the quantity of Samsung Rewards Points earned.

  • Points can also be earned if you are using the Samsung branded devices as long as you logged into the Samsung account and purchase the products with the procedure and after that you can pay whatever you choose the method to complete during the checkout. Later the purchase notification of the product and the reward points according to the purchase will be rewarded in to push message. 
  • Earning Points through other limited time offer: Sponsor give points to few or all the participants in that offer timeframe of all the purchases. These offers may be completed through the pay pal or Samsung pay to execute the services in the proper way through out the offer. Details and rules for each offer or game will be provided, including how to participate and any other limitations or restrictions. This special offer may be communicated to eligible Participants by push notifications and/or email to the email address connected with their Samsung Account.

Point Value, Forfeiture, and Viewing:-

Points are not property, do not grant a member a vested right or interest, and do not have a monetary worth.

Points earned will expire one year after they are earned at the end of the calendar month.

The quantity of Points earned by each participant will be recorded in their Samsung Rewards account. After (i) transaction confirmation; (ii) the applicable return period has expired; and/or (iii) the applicable chargeback window has closed, points will be credited to the Participant’s Rewards Account and the particiapate check themselves for the proper transaction of there points.

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Samsung Loyalty Program

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