Does Nordstrom Accept Affirm

Does Nordstrom Accept Affirm is a chain of department stores that specializes in selling luxury beautification items. It is a leading retailer in the United States that sells branded clothing, jewelry, footwear, handbags, accessories, footwear, fragrances, and cosmetics. The franchise serves millions of customers interested in expensive vanity items and has a strong foothold in the industry. 

Does Nordstrom Accept Affirm

Nordstrom offers multiple BNPL payment services to its customers. Affirm is acceptable at all Does Nordstrom Accept Affirm stores in the United States. Other major BNPL service providers are also accepted at Nordstrom locations and customers may use any of these to make their purchases or pay for the services they availed at the stores. Other traditional payment methods like cash and credit and debit cards may also be accepted as valid payment methods. Gift cards, e-gift cards, coupons, and vouchers may be used for making partial or complete payments. The purpose of this article is to cover all other forms of payment that Nordstrom accepts from its customers as well as inform the reader about alternative luxury retailers  . which offer the same products and services to customers as Nordstrom. We will also gloss over additional services that Nordstrom offers besides the sale of luxury items.

List Of Payment Methods Acceptable At Nordstrom Stores

The complete list of payment methods that are acceptable at Nordstrom stores and Nordstrom’s online website is as follows:

  • Cash and checks: Cash and personal checks issued by all recognized banks are acceptable at Nordstrom stores. However, it is not possible to pay for purchases online with cash as stated by the official Nordstrom website. Checks and money orders cannot be made for making online purchases either.
  • Credit and Debit Cards: Payments can be made by credit and debit cards of recognized banks or credit unions that are accepted at the store by the cashier. These cards may be either issued by any recognized third party or issued by the retailer itself. Nordstrom also offers Nordstrom Credit Card and Nordstrom Visa Cards to its customers for shopping. Nordstrom Credit card, generally, has more benefits from use than third party cards and it is encouraged that customers use the store cards.
  • Nordstrom Cards: Nordstrom Credit cards are provided and maintained by TD Bank USA. Using a Nordstrom card has more benefits than other payment methods. Benefits include but are not limited to cashback of up to $40 on the first purchase, discounts on many items, an exclusive reward points system that fetches the customer additional rewards, and exclusive deals both in the stores and online.
  • Buy Now Pay Later Methods: Nordstrom allows the customers to make their purchases immediately and pay later in 4 smaller installments. It allows users to make payments through all widely recognized BNPL service providers like Afterpay, Zip or Quadpay, Affirm, and Klarna. Due to the expensive nature of the luxury items that Nordstrom deals in, many customers find this payment method the most economical and easy to use. It is easier to pay in four smaller installments than to pay a large sum at once.
  • Payments made through recognized digital wallet systems: Nordstrom allows major digital wallet platforms to be used for conducting customer transactions. Google Pay and Apple Pay can be used as digital wallets to make payments for purchases and services availed at the store. However, these platforms can be used for making payments at the store only. Nordstrom code QR shopping passes are also provided to the customer for this form of contactless shopping.
  • Gift Cards, vouchers, and coupons: Nordstrom allows the use of gift cards for making payments at the store. E-gift cards can be used for making payments at and Coupons and vouchers may also be used for availing of discounts. However, it is not possible to make split payments with gift cards and customers should make sure that their gift card balances are merged into one before use.

Services Offered By Nordstrom

A Nordstrom store may offer many services to the customers besides just fitting and tailoring services. Stores may feature restaurants, espresso bars, cafes, and spas which customers can use during or after browsing store goods. Home furnishing departments may also be featured for providing home improvements such as décor and furniture. Some stores have wedding departments to provide expert help to brides and grooms on all wedding fashion-related issues. In general, Does Nordstrom Accept Affirm ensures that its customers have a great shopping experience at its stores.

Alternatives To Nordstrom

Nordstrom faces stiff competition from many retail store chains which offer similar services and high fashion goods to their customers. Some alternatives to Nordstrom are Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Anthropologie, and Ralph Lauren. Customers will find the same shopping experience in these stores.


Nordstrom accepts all the major BNPL payment platforms like Affirm. Other payment methods like cash, credit, and debit cards along with gift cards are also acceptable. It prides itself in having a loyal customer base and provides a great experience to every customer who shops in one of its stores. 


Q1. Does Nordstrom charge shipping fees?

A1. Nordstrom offers free standard shipping to customers in any part of the United States.

Q2. When does my Nordstrom gift card expire?

A2. Nordstrom gift cards do not expire until they are used or cancelled. They will stay in effect until then.

Does Nordstrom Accept Affirm

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