IPhone Return Policy

What Is The IPhone Return Policy

We all want to have an IPhone Return Policy Apple product with us, once in our lifetime. So for the apple-hungry people, apple launches different models and products once in a while. But what if, what you ordered has some manufacturing defect or you want some other color! Whenever we buy an apple product it comes with a manufacturing warranty of around a year. So, either you want to return it within 14 days after buying or if it’s broken and there is some manufacturing defect, you can do it easily.

IPhone Return Policy

Products Brought From The Apple Website

If you’ve bought something from the apple website, IPhone Return Policy or planning to buy it, you should give it a second thought because anything brought from the apple website is not either returnable or refundable. However, if it has some manufacturing defect, you can call or contact customer care to provide you with the best help. If you don’t get an invoice from apple itself, within 2-3 working days, you can contact apple care services.

Steps To Return It On The Apple Website

Open the website and click the little icon of the shopping bag. Go ahead and click it, on the top right corner. After tapping that, you’ll see four options saying, bag, order, favourites, and accounts. Your bag is empty probably, so go ahead and click on the orders option. You’ll see a list of all the orders you purchased, so look for the specific order you want to return. As we’re returning an iPhone, so click on the particular IPhone Return Policy you want to return. It’ll give you the details of the order, underneath that, the name and the price you’ll see, start a return, so go ahead and click the button. But before going forward, open your iPhone and sign out of the iCloud account. To do this, go into the settings and click your name up at the top, by tapping that, you’ll see an option of sign-out. Apple will not return it until you have signed out of your iCloud account.

After doing this you can just return it on the website, it will initiate a return via mail. Pack your phone exactly as same as it came in the brown box with all the bills and all. Then all you have to do is ship it through a certified FedEx, your shipping charges will be covered, by apple itself.

Steps To Return It On An Online Platform Other Than The Apple Website

It will be a better idea if you buy a product from other online shopping platforms, as they not only provide a 14-day return policy but also provide you with different offers and sales from time to time. If we take the example of Amazon, it is very hassle-free to buy any product from amazon. It provides a return and refund policy and, also you can double-check it before buying as it is mentioned below the product whether it’s returnable or not. Furthermore, the return and refund policy is very direct and easy to do. Within a day or two, the delivery associate will come and take your phone and, you’ll get your refund within the same day.

What you have to do is locate all your accessories and papers that you got with the box, the wire, bill, etc. make sure you have everything with you, hopefully, you didn’t throw anything away.

1.Do I have to peel out the tempered glass before returning it?

A.Remove every outside accessory you have added to your phone and place it in the box exactly as it came. Clean it with a microfiber cloth and place it gently in the box.

2. What are the products, one gets with an iPhone?

A. You’ll get a cable whose one end will be C-type and one will be the iOS pin. Apart from that a small sticker of apple. And also you don’t get an adapter with it. That, you’ve to buy on your own.

3. How much does the adapter cost?

A. There are two types of adapters you can buy. One which has a USB insertion point. It comes with a wire which has the USB pin at one end and an iOS pin at one end, which is different from the cable that you get with iPhone. And the other has a c-type insertion point that can connect with the original cable, that you get in the box. The USB one costs around 29$ and the c-type one is a bit expensive and costs around 32$.

4 .Can we return it, if we’ve been using it for less than the given return time?

A. Yes, of course. How else will you be able to find faults or anything if you won’t use it? You should use it, check every part of it, inside, outside, settings, and everything. If by then you are happy and contented with what’s it offering then go ahead and keep it otherwise return it by the methods mentioned above.

IPhone Return Policy

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