Ohtsu Tire Warranty- Exclusions of Ohsu

Here we will see about the Ohtsu Tire Warranty

Ohtsu tires are a Japanese-based tire Industry, Part of SRI. They have over 30 years of experience and are backed up by a well-known brand. These tires are manufactured and engineered to the highest degree. They also offer a 30 day trial period and price back guarantees. They specialize in tires, auto repair, auto maintenance, oil change, brakes and also constantly have tons of offers and deals. They are very much aware of their competitors and boldly advertise that they can beat any of their prices by 5%. We love to see competition if it results in more affordable prices!

Ohtsu Tire Warranty

Ohtsu tires have a limited warranty on their items, so make sure you read through the entire article to know the acceptable eligibility criteria and how to claim it.

  1. Firstly, coming to their free trial, they offer 30 days or a 500-mile coverage, whichever comes first. It is advised to take this offer before buying their tires, for your own personal experience. 
  2. Every Ohtsu brand tire has a specific warranty for any damage or defects caused. Your tire is eligible if it is worn down to 2/32nd of its depth or finished five years from the manufactured date, whichever comes first.
  3. After your tire has worn down to its first 2/32nd of its depth, a credit to you is calculated depending on the usability of the tire, and to that depth, if another 2/32nd of it wears down, then they do not owe any credit to their clients.
  4. If your tires have worn out 1/32nd of their depth, then they are eligible for the out-of-balance claims which will be replaced free of cost. Taxes and service charges may apply. But note that for this claim, a set of 4 tires, all from the same vehicle are not accepted.


  1. Like most tire warranties, Ohtsu also does not cover road hazard damages. This includes punctures, bruises, and other force impacts on the tires. 
  2. Ohtsu tires are marked with a unique DOT number. Please make sure to check for this when you buy them. If the number is marked NA or simply does not exist, then you will not be eligible for the warranty claim.
  3. Do not try to transfer your installed tires from a registered vehicle to another, as this could lead to the exemption of your claim.
  4. Self-repairs and damages caused by the owner will not be covered.
  5. Tires worn down beyond their two 2/32nd of the depth are considered to be completely worn out and you won’t be able to claim them regardless of leftover miles/period in them.

Client check

Note that it is your responsibility to oversee everything while getting your tires done. Make sure that you register the correct vehicle and that the tires are properly fitted in, balanced. Do check the air pressure too, and other specifications that are a must for your vehicle. The air pressure check should be done monthly and you need to inflate it with a gauge to a PSI level recommended. These instructions will be given in the handbook presented to you at the time of purchase. It is recommended to not rely on the service providers for these checks. Another important check is the tire rotation. It has to be done every 5000 miles. This can be done a little earlier too if you see any unevenness or vibration.

Finally, make sure that all your claims are done with proper paperwork and are presented to your Ohtsu dealer. Your mileage, date, and place of purchase are must have proof to qualify the warranty claims.


  1. Check load capacity and do not cross the limit
  2. Perform air pressure check every month
  3. No excessive spinning of your tires
  4. Do not mount your tires to avoid damage
  5. Do not apply any harsh cleaners that are not recommended by professionals.
  6. Perform proper tire rotation every 5000 miles.

And that’s it, folks! Hope this article has provided all the details you need to make sure that your tires remain healthy and qualify for any warranties. Happy driving!

Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I check for any wear or damage in my tires?

Unbalanced tires or any exposed area due to cuts or snags qualify as damage. If you are not sure, have a registered dealer look into it

  1. Can I use my cleaners for washing?

Make sure that the cleaners you are using don’t have any harsh chemicals. If they do, avoid them because they might degrade the rubber quality of your tires and decrease the quality of their performance. 

  1. What is the age limit after which I should stop using my tires?

Once your tires cross the 6-year mark, make sure you get them checked frequently Once . If they are more than 10 years old then they should be immediately replaced. Even the spare ones.

Ohtsu Tire Warranty- Exclusions of Ohsu

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