Directv Error Code 772 


Here we will see about the Directv Error Code 772 

DirectV provides a rather non-complex procedure to troubleshoot and repair a more significant part of errors. Such errors are regretted, and the team is constantly working towards providing a more seamless experience to its valuable users. Although most of the issues can be fixed by the users themselves, some may require an expert, and simply reporting the matter to customer support would prompt a message to the expert. The expert will then schedule a visit to the site and fix the error as soon as possible. 

Directv Error Code 772 

DIRECTV error code 772 could indicate two possibilities. It could either mean that the programming has just been added/updated or the receiver has just been installed/ activated. Such errors are common to the users who have just got their Receivers installed.


In most cases, resetting the DIRECTV receiver is enough to fix the error. The readers are advised to follow the following steps to reset the receiver. 

  1. Reset the receiver by unplugging the power cord of the device. By doing this, the power supply to the receiver gets cut off. Then, plug the cable back into the socket to allow the power to reach the device. The manual resetting will enable the receiver to function correctly, and error 772 should not be prompted on the television screen. While this method should work in most cases, the other alternative can be used if this method fails to resolve the issue. 
  1. Reset the receiver by pressing the power button. The power button is situated on the front panel of the receiver. Once the user presses the button, the device goes into the reboot, and the receiver is reset. Since the receiver has now reset, the error code 772 should vanish from the television screen, and the seamless world-class television display should begin. However, if this method fails to work as well, the user can try out the following way and hopefully resolve the issue.
  1. The receiver can also be reset by pressing the red button located on the access card door on the device’s front panel. The process allows the receiver to reset, so the issue should resolve. This can take a couple of minutes, and then the user can enjoy the DIRECTV television experience. 


Sadly, if these methods fail to resolve the issue, there is no other way to fix the problem other than calling an expert. We know that this isn’t the most preferred way as the process will take a little longer, but we can assure you that the expert will reach your doorstep as soon as possible.  

The user should first report the issue to the 24×7 customer support for calling an expert. The user should log in to and scroll down to the bottom of the page. At the bottom, there should be a menu. The user should select the “Directv satellite help” option from the menu. Once selected, the page will navigate the user to the support dashboard—alternatively, The user can tap the link to reach the support dashboard directly. 

Several ways to reach out to customer support in the support dashboard are mentioned. The most efficient way is to call the 24×7 toll free number and get the issue reported. Once the problem has been reported, the expert will reach out to the user’s doorstep within 24 to 48 hours. Alternatively, the case can also be reported by Chat services located at the bottom of the screen, where the user can simply type down the issue and get it reported. Or, the issue can also be reported via social media. For reporting it via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, the user should select the options present on the bottom of the screen right beside the other two options to report the issue mentioned in the article. Once selected, the user will be redirected directly to the social media page where the issue can be reported. 

Once the user has reported the issue by using any of the mentioned ways, the user needs to sit back and relax until the expert reaches his doorstep. The expert is a trained professional who works day in and day out fixing such issues, and he is a well-qualified individual for the task. Once the expert arrives, the issue will be fixed in no time. 


The error code 772 can mostly be fixed by the user itself by following the steps given in the articles. If the user fails to fix the issue on its own, calling an expert is the best option. The procedure for reporting the issue and henceforth calling an expert has also been well described in the article. 

The support dashboard contains several articles to resolve various issues a user might encounter. For errors other than the error code 772, the user can check out the articles. 

Directv Error Code 772 

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