Does Food Lion take PayPal?- Things to Know

Does Food Lion take PayPal?

In the constantly changing world, our payment method has also changed drastically. The flow of money is no more physical and becomes virtual. Here, let’s know ‘Does Food Lion take PayPal?’

Nowadays, people prefer online payment during most of their purchases. People prefer to do all the grocery shopping in a single go. Online payment makes it a lot easier. Most Americans use Paypal for doing all their transactions. Due to this, it gets important to know if giant grocery store chains accept PayPal or not. In this article, we will focus on Food Lion. Till now, the company accepts PayPal for its payments. 


Food Lion’s grocery chain stores are spread all across the USA. It runs around 1100 supermarkets across the country. Later the company was taken over by Delhaize Group. Earlier the company was named Food Town. It was only after taking its take over by Belgium-based Delhaize Group, the company was renamed, Food Lion. 


People can use PayPal to purchase their grocery items. Many grocery stores accept PayPal. Food Lion is one of them. However, there was some site that expressed different stand on behalf of Food Lion receiving payments from PayPal, and there was no firm information found on Food Lion’s official website. But there were plenty of authentic websites that included Food Lion in their list of grocery stores that accept PayPal. PayPal is accepted not only in online shopping but also from in-store purchases. 


Other than Food Lion, there are grocery stores like ALDI, Bl-LO, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Brookshire’s Food and Pharmacy, Costco, Cub Foods, Food Maxx, Fred Meyer, Giant Eagle, Giant Food Stores, HEB, Horn Bacher’s, etc support PayPal.  


IF the PayPal applications are not accepted at the stores of Food Lion, then people can also use the PayPal Cash cards. People can use this card at any of the grocery stores, that accepts Master Card. In the case of Food Lion, it accepts Mastercard. However, it would be better to get cross-checked about the use of the Pay Pal Cash Card at the Food Lion grocery store. 

There are many benefits of using PayPal cash cards. The cash card doesn’t charge any extra fees or has no condition of maintaining a minimum balance in their account. People will also not be charged for using their card for online payment. However, the card charges around $4.95, if the user is loading money at a participatory store. 


The FoodLion’s website has mentioned that it accepts Mobile Pay. Specifically, it accepts Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. 

On the other hand, PayPal users can avail the benefit of Food Lion’s facility. There is a way for PayPal users to link their accounts to Google Pay or Samsung Pay. There is a certain method that can help PayPal users to enter their details and link their accounts in Samsung Pay. Users have to follow the simple steps given below.

  1. DOWNLOAD and INSTALL SAMSUNG Pay- If you are not a Samsung Pay user, but want to use your PayPal account at FoodLion, then install Samsung Pay first. 
  2. Go to the Wallet tab- After installing, open the application and tap the wallet tab present on the home screen. 
  3. Select PayPal- After selecting the wallet option, click on the ‘+’ icon. After that, choose the option of PayPal to link your PayPal account. 
  4. Now that you have linked your PayPal account, you are ready to do the payment at any of the Lion Food grocery stores.
  5. While making the payment you have to enter the PIN at the grocery store. Before that, create your new PayPal pin under the Samsung Pay section.


Food Lion is a well-established grocery store chain in the USA. A huge amount of people visit its grocery stores to do their monthly shopping. Nowadays, people are comfortable in doing their payments online. PayPal is one of the most popular online payment options among Americans. However, we could not find if Food Lion accepts PayPal or not. Its official website didn’t mention clearly about it. Some authentic websites were claiming that Food Lion does accept PayPal for payment. However, for a safer side, people can simply download Samsung Pay(accepted by Food Lion) and link their PayPal account with it. In this way, PayPal users can make payments at Food Lion grocery stores. Moreover, people can also use PayPal cash cards.


Q1. What other payments Food Lion accepts?

Ans. Food lion’s website has mentioned that it accepts all kinds of debit cards and credit cards for payments. The company has also started accepting mobile payments in 2016. In Mobile Pay, Food Lion accepts Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. Apart from all these payment options, the company always accepts cash payments for in-store purchases.

Does Food Lion take PayPal?- Things to Know

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