Does Walgreens Sell Lowes Gift Cards? 

Gift cards can be a special present to someone on any occasion, be it a birthday, Christmas, new year’s, thanksgiving, or even a baby shower. The Lowes gift cards especially make an ideal present for adventurous people to try out new things. Walgreens sells a variety of gift cards. The gift cards are from various stores, including its brand of gift cards ranging from as low as $5, and can be used to purchase any item or service that you would find at a Walgreens outlet, either their drugstore, Express, or a Walgreens Pharmacy. Does Walgreens Sell Lowes Gift Cards? Let’s find out.

Does Walgreens Sell Lowes Gift Cards? 

Does Walgreens Sell Lowes Gift Cards? 

If you are asking yourself if they sell the Lowes gift cards among the many brands that they stock up on, the answer is no. Walgreens does not sell Lowes’s gift cards in their stores. However, you can get the Lowes gift cards directly from the Lowes retail stores or online through their Website. Other famous retailers sell Lowes gift cards. These include retailers like Target, Best Buy, and Kroger, among others. You can also buy the Lowes gift cards online with PayPal, where there are no additional processing fees, and the gift card has no expiration date. You can also purchase MasterCard gift cards, American Express, or Visa gift cards from Walgreens.

These are great options that can be used at any Lowes store. You will, however, need to activate these latter gift cards at a fee of approximately $6, which is not bad considering the value you will get if you ask me. The denomination and card availability always vary by location or current inventory status. Most of them go for a customizable amount of $25 and $500.

Curious to know other available gift card options at Walgreens. Worry not. Keep reading through the following few lines and find out more, including why they don’t sell the Lowes Gift cards.

What Gift cards can you get at Walgreens?

You are probably disappointed after missing the Lowes gift cards at Lowes. I am here to tell you that there are other equally viable options from Walgreens that you can look at and purchase instead of walking out empty-handed and jaded. They have their own Walgreens gift cards that you can purchase for as low as $5. They can be used for both in-store and online purchasing of all items sold by Walgreens.

Walgreens is notorious for selling a variety of gift card brands in different categories. Some of these notable brands include;


Home Depot, Red Lobster, Subway, Applebee’s, Kohl’s, GameStop, Xbox Live, Disney, Footlocker, Amazon, among many others that you can get from the Website.


The available gift cards are from the Apple store, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Sony PlayStation, etc.

Self-care: They have the Massage Envy gift cards.

Travel: They have Uber gift cards.

Food and restaurants– Domino’s, the Cheesecake Factory, Buffalo wild wings, Burger King, and McDonald’s, among many others.

Their wide range of available gift cards makes the selection so much easier for their clients. It is, however, essential to note that while shopping, all stores do not have the same inventory, and you may not get all the above-listed gift cards at all Walgreens outlets. 

While inventory varies from store to store, Walgreens has an online gift card locator. This allows you to see if a particular gift card is in stock at your local outlet. You simply select a gift card and enter your zip code to find out.

Why is the Lowes Gift card missing out on the Walgreens shelves?

You may ask yourself why you can not find a Lowes gift card at Walgreens among these other many varieties that they stock up on. Well, here is what my research has found out. Walgreens is a leading Drugstore Chain, and Lowes has proven to be an avid competitor of Walgreens in the home improvement and electronics sector. So naturally, in business, you always strive to be the best and outshine your competitors. By stocking up on the Lowes gift cards, Walgreens would be diverting the attention of its clients from its own products to that of Lowes’s, something that is not good for any competitive business.


To conclude this discussion, it is evident that Walgreens does not sell the Lowes gift cards both online and in-store. It is also evident that it sells a variety of other gift cards that could ideally serve the same purpose. If you are, however, focused on getting the Lowes gift cards only, you can get them online as an electronic gift card, an SMS, or a physical card that will easily be shipped to your preferred location. You can as well get them directly from any Lowes store near you.

Does Walgreens Sell Lowes Gift Cards? 

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