Where Can I Buy Subway Gift Cards?

Where Can I Buy Subway Gift Cards?

When it comes to gifting our loved ones or even ourselves, there is most definitely no right time. And what better way to show your love than get them their favorite food? Subway is one of the biggest American multi fast-food restaurant franchises selling sandwiches, wraps, and beverages. Founded back in 1965 in Connecticut, United States, Subway has more than 40,000 stores in 100 different countries all around the world. Let’s know the answer to this question- Where Can I Buy Subway Gift Cards?

Subway Gift Cards

Subway offers gift cards to customers, which they can either buy for themselves or gift to someone else as a form of gratitude. Using Subway gift cards, you can upload money to it and use the card instead of credit cards to buy your choice of food. Subway cards offer great discounts to its users. Using Subway gift cards helps you earn many rewards that you can redeem during your purchase at the nearest Subway store.

Where Can I Buy Subway Gift Cards?

Subway gift cards are easily accessible and available in two different forms. You can purchase either a physical gift card or an eGift card. 

Physical gift cards provided by Subway are available at the nearest Subway stores that participate in gift cards and also online at their official site and other third-party websites, including Amazon. However, eGift cards from Subway are only available for online purchase. 

While purchasing a Subway card, you can load your desired amount ranging from 5 to 500 dollars. The money you load into your Subway card is later used to make purchases, and once you run out of balance, you can simply reload your Subway wallet through their official website or app.

eGift Subway Cards

As mentioned, Subway offers gift cards in the form of eGift, which you can purchase online for efficient and easy usage. By purchasing an eGift card, you do not need a physical copy of your card to make the purchase. Details regarding your card purchase are stored on your Subway account, which you can access through the official site or mobile app.

How to Pay with Subway Gift Cards?

Subway gift cards work just the way a credit card does. You will have a Subway balance in your gift card that you can use to purchase your favorite item. Every Subway card comes with a unique number on it which you type in while proceeding with the payment. Afterward, you receive a receipt with your purchase and amount.

Do Subway Gift Cards Come with Additional Charges?

Subway gift cards are a no-fee service provided by Subway to its customers for more convenience on orders. You can buy your favorite item on the menu using your Subway card without facing any additional charges.

Corporate Gift Cards by Subway

Corporate gift cards are offered to companies in bulk by Subway to distribute to employees and customers. Subway works alongside many companies across the country and provides discounts and rewards with corporate gift cards. It is available to order at a minimum of 10 numbers and comes with no additional fees or expiration date. Subway corporate gift cards are the perfect way to show gratitude or motivate your employees by offering discounts on their favorite food. Corporate gift cards are available to order in bulk through their official website.

How to Activate a Subway Gift Card?

To activate a Subway gift card, go to the nearest Subway shop, order your favorite food and make the purchase using your card. 

Subway Rewards

One of the pros of using Subway Gift Cards is the rewards you get along with every purchase. Every purchase you make using your Subway gift card gives you points for free food and drinks that you can redeem once you reach a certain threshold. 

Subway Foods

Subway offers a wide variety of food menus which you can order online through their website order.subway.com or their mobile app subway with 0 dollars delivery fee. Subway promotes the well-being of all of its customers by providing them with healthy and tasty foods. Their goal is to serve the tastiest and healthiest food with high and safe standards. Every ingredient used goes through different quality processes, and the consumers get served the products made out of the best quality ingredients.


Subway is one of the most loved fast-food franchises across the globe. If you are looking to thank or congratulate your loved ones or even yourself with a treat, gifting them a subway gift card is one of the best ways. You can always enjoy your favorite food without having to pay through your credit card, as well as earn many rewards for offers and free food and drinks during later purchases. Subway gift cards are easy to use and highly convenient, allowing all customers to enjoy their meals at no extra cost.

Where Can I Buy Subway Gift Cards?

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