Do Big Lots accept Apple pay?- All About Big Lots

Do Big Lots accept Apple pay?

The Big Lots company is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, with 1428 stores in 47 states, providing facilities such as curbside pickup, instant cards, and same-day delivery. They mainly deal with household products such as seasonal, soft home, food, furniture, hard home, etc. Let’s know ‘Do Big Lots accept Apple pay?’

The company was ranked one on Total Retailer’s list of Top 100 Retailers in 2020 and received a Retail Titan Award in 2021 for its mission of helping people save a lot and live bigger lives. They are trying to make a big difference in the lives of common people by providing exceptional value through their products and services and doing a good job in the local communities. They also reward their shareholders with top returns and consistent growth.

Do Big Lots accept Apple pay?

Apple Pay is currently not accepted in Big Lots. However, on 24th November 2021, Big Lots announced the launch of a support system for Apple Pay on its website and app. So though the company doesn’t accept Apple Pay at the moment, it is working on changing this. This is because, in terms of security, encryption, and privacy, it has become necessary for Big Lots to set up a support system for Apple Pay so that they can manage online shipping orders as well as growth in Cyber ​​Week and Black Friday sales. To use the curbside pickup offer and Big Lots’s two-day shipping option, Big Lots must offer customers the opportunity to pay via Apple Pay on its website and app.

“With the increase in online shopping, this has been the company’s plan,” said Bruce Thorne (President of Big Lots). He added that “With customers paying for theatrical product purchases the way they want, during the cyber week, it is never easy to benefit from every online deal, so we are increasing the number of products on our website every week. As a result, we had increased by about 40% so far, including some special products”, this was a plan to increase the customer base during the holiday season.

From now on, they are ready to accept Apple Pay on their apps and website. This feature was already present in some of their physical stores even before the announcement. 

Currently, for offline purchases, the company is not accepting bitcoin or PayPal, but Visa, business cards, American Express, cash, check, MasterCard, gift cards, Big Lots credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Play, and Discover deals.


Big Lots is not currently supporting Apple Pay, but they are working hard to introduce a support policy for it. They are doing so to make their revenue process safer and also because they can get more consumers this way.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can you make a check or Big Lots Card at Big Lots?

At any time, you can use your card online or in a physical store. Now, at Big Lots, you can practically use your ‘Big Lots Credit Card’. Especially with retail bills/checks and personal bills/cheques, Big Lots has ample in-store deals. You can pay for your invoice at Mart or online, or you can contact them by mail or at 888-566-4353.

However, tourist checks, payroll checks, checks over deal size, post-dated checks, cash orders, over-the-counter checks, checks made of cash, or third-party bills do not apply to Big Lots.

  1.  Without a receipt, does Big Lots take returns?

Even if you don’t have an acknowledgment slip, it is possible to return your item at Big Lots. However, there is no refund for the Big Lot Return Policy. You will receive your reimbursement in the form of a gift card with 20% off the sale cost, which can be used for further purchases in the same store where you purchased it.

  1. Is there any policy that Big Lots has to examine credit, or what credit score do we need for a Big Lots card?

There are certain eligibility provisions. Big Lots gives priority to this finance without binding the credit record, but before accepting the appeal, the corporation conducts any soft credit invoices with the three major credit departments. 

The minimum score required for a Big Lots credit card is the same as the average score for various stores, which is 640. There is no standard for pre-credentials for Big Lots credit cards

  1. What are the methods of payment accepted by Big Lots?

Prepaid and Debit Cards: A large number of prepaid and debit cards are largely accepted at physical stores.

Google Play and Apple Pay:- Currently, Big Lots doesn’t accept Google Pay and Apple Pay, but they are working on it and can announce their acceptance at any time.

Do Big Lots accept Apple pay?- All About Big Lots

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