Does The Speedway Fill Exchange Propane Tanks? 

Do you ponder, Does The Speedway Fill Exchange Propane Tanks?  from where you can get your residential propane tanks filled, exchanged, or get a spare one for your place?  Well, if you have a speedway fill around, then you have all that figured out because speedway fills can be considered to be your one-stop solution for a propane tank exchange. Let us explore if a speedway fill will offer you a propane tanks exchange. 

Does The Speedway Fill Exchange Propane Tanks? 

Know About Speedway

Speedway, Does The Speedway Fill Exchange Propane Tanks? an American convenience store and gas station chain located across the US operates under the complete ownership of 7-Eleven. You can find Speedway stations located in about 32 States, significantly around its core seven states situated in the Midwest. Being one of the largest convenience store chains in Central Ohio the company, was an owned subsidiary of marathon petroleum corporation before 2021. In the wake of expansion, there was a merger between Ashland’s Super America and Marathon’s Speedway Convenience store chains to establish Speedway super America LLC under MAP.  Now, one can find about 41 speedway locations in the southeastern US from PFJ southeast LLC under the joint venture of Pilot Flying J and Speedway, which was announced back in 2016. 

What You Can Find At Speedway?

As a gas station facility, Speedway sells fuel, engine lubricants for motor vehicles, gasoline, diesel fuel, etc. On the other hand, one can find snacks, soft drinks, newspapers, magazines, confections, alcoholic beverages, lottery tickets, etc. at the convenience store facility. Propane tank refills and exchange are available at the speedway fill stations. Some of the prominent propane tank refills available at speedway can be enlisted as follows:- Blue Rhino, Indiana Oxygen Company, Southwest Gas Corporation, Miller Pipeline Corp., Ferrellgas, Silvertip Propane, etc. 

How Can One Exchange Propane Tanks At Speedway?

It is pretty convenient to exchange an empty propane tank or to get a spare one at Speedway. One can simply drop the tank, swap, and move ahead. It is however essential to note that one needs to drop the empty tank beside the propane display outside the store as it is not allowed to get the tanks inside when they arrive at the counter.  Once you arrive and contact the cashier, you can purchase a tank, which is followed by a store employee escorting you to the display, where they will provide you another tank in exchange or a spare one, depending upon how you transact and request for it. 

How Much Will This Exchange Affect Your Pocket

If we look at the average figures, exchanging a propane tank ideally costs you 5-6 US Dollars a gallon. On the other hand, if you go ahead refilling a propane tank, it will cost you 3-4 US Dollars on average, considering the price at most of the refill locations.  One can hereby notice the difference between the two, as in how one can end up saving a few dollars if they choose to go ahead with refilling the tank rather than exchanging it. But, before we make this decision, let us consider some of the pros and cons of refilling a propane tank.

Refilling Propane Tanks- Why Or Why Not

One can consider refilling the tanks as they end up saving your money. It is a cheaper alternative to exchange where one can save up to 1.75 Dollars on average per gallon over the cost of one exchange at third-party retailers. When you go for a refill, you only pay for the propane you use. The leftover propane in the tank which goes waste otherwise in exchange (in terms of what you pay for) is retained because you get to have the same tank that you own, hence, no extra expenditure for extra gas, you only pay for how much you fill in. 

However, one needs to consider one may need to determine the expiration date, generally stamped on the top handle area, if you wish to reuse a tank for a considerable period.  The only limitation with this alternative is arranging for a tank to reuse and considering the timings to get the refill done Which will only be possible during stipulated business hours at nearest retail locations. 

Additional Benefits

Speedway also keeps coming up with offers and special coupons to avail by their customers. A propane coupon is one such thing you can be looking up for. One can avail such coupons for additional benefits, cashback, and discounts based on the terms and conditions applied.  Not only with regards to the propane fill and exchange, but Speedway also offers coupons based on every purchase you make otherwise, availing their services at the convenience store facility. (In the light of prevalent situations due to the pandemic, this may be liable to change).

Working Hours

Speedway offers 24 hours service, with 3 eight hours shifts in the morning, afternoon, and overnight respectively. The first shift generally begins at 6-7 AM and ends around 2-3 PM, the second shift from 2-3 PM to 10-11 PM, and the last shift from 10-11 PM to 6-7 next day in the morning. 


One can avail of convenient propane tank exchange at Speedway and also avail of the additional benefits that come alongside. Speedway can prove to be your one-stop solution, not just for your propane tank exchange but also, to avail the convenience store facility. 

Does The Speedway Fill Exchange Propane Tanks? 

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