The Lids Return Policy- All You Need To Know

The Lids Return Policy

There is no need for much brainstorming if you wish to return an item purchased from Lids. This is because Lids provides a very simple and convenient return experience to its customers for items bought from the store or website. Read on to know about the Lids Return Policy.

The Official Lids Return Policy

  • Any item purchased from Lids’ stores or their website can only be accepted for return if it is returned within 90 days from the date of purchase.
  • The item that needs to be returned must be in good and original condition. It should be completely unused. It must have all original tag labels and stickers in the original place and in clear condition. 
  • Every item that is applied for return is checked and inspected carefully before the refunding process. Thus, one must take good care of the purchased item. Make sure that it is undamaged if he/she wishes to return the item. 
  • One should be aware that the returning process can take up to 11- 12 business days. This is because the shipping process takes a lot of time, depending on which place you are living in. 
  • Other than this inspection, checking and other paperwork can take around 3 to 4 days to get completed. 
  • Once your item is fully inspected, and all the paperwork is done, you will get a notification about the acceptance of your return application. 
  • After the company has accepted your item for return, you will receive the refund money anytime within 3 to 7 business days. 
  • If a person wants to return a damaged product delivered by the Lids, then the company will take the shipping charges or delivery charges on them. 
  • If you want to return any item that is neither damaged nor has any fault in it, then the company is free and has the full right to cut 9.99 from the refunded amount.
  • If a person sends any item that is not damaged or does not have any fault in it, then the item is automatically donated to a charity fund by the company.
  • Unlike other companies, few allow you to send even personalized and final sale items for return without any objection.

Few Conditions On Lids Returning Policy

Lids won’t accept those items that match any of the conditions given below :

  • If the product you want to return is categorized under non-returnable and refundable items. 
  • If the product deals with any damage or fault that occurred to it after the delivery, 
  • If the product you delivered for return contains no tag or receipt that declares it was purchased from Lids,
  • If you fail to deliver every product present with it at the time of purchase. 
  • If the item you want to return is torn, stained, or has any missing parts. 
  • If you send an item without returning all the extra accessories, papers, stickers, and gifts delivered with the product. 

These were some conditions laid by the company as a part of their return policy. Therefore, if you are planning to return an item purchased from Lids, make sure that it does not match any conditions mentioned above. 

Process To Return Any Item Purchased From Lid 

Applying for an item to be returned is a very easy task. It does not require a lot of web surfing or filling in any long forms. You can easily request a return to Lids through phone calls, website, email, or in person. 

How to request for return to Lids over phone call?

Returning an item via phone call is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to make a return request. Just follow a few basic steps given below:

  • First of all, you need to call the helpline numbers provided on their official website.
  • Talk to the customer service and tell them about your return request. 
  • Follow all the instructions that the agent tells you.
  • Now just wait for any further action from the company. 

Requesting a return through their online website 

  • Open the official website of Lids.
  • Log in to the same account that you used while ordering the product you want to return. 
  • Go to the return option, which is at the center of the page. 
  • Type your order number, which is given on your online bill. 
  • Click on start a return. 
  • Fill in all the required details and follow all the instructions given.

Making a return request through Lids store 

  • Go to any Lids Store nearby. 
  • If you are not aware of any Lid stores near you, use the store locator from the official website of lids.
  • Go to the store and talk to any staff member or employee about the return. 
  • The staff will help you with the return.


This was all about the Lids Return Policy. Lids is a very big headwear and cloth-making brand that ships products all around the world. All the necessary details about the Lids returning policy are mentioned above with full details. 

The Lids Return Policy- All You Need To Know

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