Can I use my cash app card at Redbox?

Can I use my cash app card at Redbox?

Yes, a Cash App Card can be used at Redbox as it falls under the category of debit card from Visa. At Redbox, you can also use any prepaid debit cards to rent and purchase movies. The US-based video rental company accepts payment from any sort of card; it must be a prepaid, debit, or credit card. Can I use my cash app card at Redbox? Redbox has over 42,000 automated retail kiosks at over 34,000 locations where you can rent your favorite DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K UHD movies by using your card, including Cash App Card. The Cash App card can also be used to stream movies on Redbox on-demand. Since it is a pay-as-you-go platform, there is no subscription fee. 

What is Cash App Card?

Cash App Card is a customizable debit card provided by the Cash App, which is a mobile application focused on money transferring among peers. The company has systematically integrated this debit card with your Cash App balance, which is used anywhere Visa is accepted, both online and in stores. However, for protecting the customer, Cash App has restricted Cash Card ATM withdrawals.

Cash App Card FAQs

These are some generally asked questions on Cash App Card:

How to Order My Cash App Card?

Step 1: You need to tap on the ‘Cash Card’ tab on the Cash App home screen

Step 2: Tap on the option ‘Get Cash Card’

Step 3: Tap on the option ‘Continue’

Step 4: Follow the steps when prompted.

Is There Any Requirement to Order the Cash App Card?

Yes, these are the following requirements:

  1. You must be of 18 years or more to apply for the card.
  2. You need to link your bank account to order the debit card.
  3. You need to verify your account with your other information. 

Are There Any Charges for Using the Card?

Yes, if you use your Cash Card Debit Card at the ATM, then the company charges a nominal fee of $2. 

However, customers whose paychecks of $300 or more are directly deposited in their Cash App every month, are exempted from these charges, as they reimburse this $2 into their account as an additional 31 days of ATM fee reimbursement. 

What is Redbox?

Redbox is a popular red cubicle structure that was first launched in 2002, which allows you to rent or purchase movies of choice, paying no monthly subscription fees. You can find these kiosks at street corners, grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, and many other public locations.

Redbox also has an on-demand streaming service, which allows you 30 days to watch a movie. However, once you have begun watching the movie, you will only have 48 hours to finish the movie. 

In case you want to purchase or rent a movie, it does not require you to have a credit card. For this purpose, you just need to have a debit card with an adequate balance in your account linked with such a debit card and swipe it to purchase or rent a movie you like. 

However, once you buy a movie on rent, you are expected to return the disc latest by 9.00 PM, post the day you rented such a movie. While returning the disc, just make sure that you return such disc to any nearby Redbox kiosk, not necessarily the one you rented from. In case, if you cannot return the disc, they might well charge for extra rental days.

Can I use my Cash App Card at Redbox?

Nowadays, people are mostly using the Cash App Cards not just for rentals on Redbox but also for making purchases. This is because using Cash App Card is completely hassle-free and convenient. They work almost like a debit card. However, one can only spend that amount that is already there in the Cash App Card. In case, the amount to be paid is more than the balance available on the card, then the transaction will be unsuccessful, and, in that case, one must reload the requisite amount to make the desired transaction.

For the benefit of the masses, almost all the financial service providers, credit card companies, as well as banks are offering prepaid debit cards and Cash App is no different. To make the transaction experience more convenient, there is an in-built system in the card through which one can easily reload the required amount of funds through cash, direct deposit, cheque, or transfer of money electronically from a different bank account. However, Cash App cards charge a fee for ATM withdrawals, which can be reimbursed later for certain fulfillment. 

One can use this card at any merchant who facilities card payment for the purchase of any goods or services. Apart from renting a movie on Redbox, one can use this card for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to online and offline shopping, eating out, paying bills, and so on.

Just like any other card, they come with an expiration date. Once the card expires, one must get in touch with the Cash App and request for issuance of a new card to continue hassle-free transactions both in online and offline mode.

What Other Payment Modes are Accepted at Redbox?

At the Kiosk:

  • Credit Card viz Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover
  • Debit Card 
  • No-touch payment via Mobile Wallet Applications


  • Credit Card viz Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover
  • Debit Card 

E-Gift Cards & Promo Code Purchases

  • Credit Card viz Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover


Using a Redbox kiosk to rent a movie is no more a trivial hobby, especially amongst the youth and movie lovers. One can easily locate a wide range of latest and vintage movies available at any Redbox kiosk. This enables people to easily locate movies of their choice and watch them at their convenience at a very reasonable rate of payment. Further, to rent a movie on Redbox kiosks, it is highly recommended one should opt for Cash App Cards, especially for online transactions. The only reason is that these cards are easy to use and handle. Further, the transactions are more easily done through any Red Box kiosk and online portals. 

Can I use my cash app card at Redbox?

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