Can you work for shipt and instacart at the same time?

An independent contractor can do the work according to his choice. You can do the jobs according to you. You can work multiple jobs and earn as much as you want. So many of them work for Instacart and Shipt alone. But working for one of them and making a little seems like a bad idea. Can you work for shipt and instacart at the same time? you want to know this and boost your income then, read this article.

Can you work for Shipt and Instacart at the same time?

  • You would be happy to know its answer. Yes, you can work for Shipt and Instacart together.
  • Both Shipt and Instacart offer contracts to the shoppers.
  • These contracts are non-exclusive. They do not bind you to any one job.
  • This makes you free to choose whatever you wish to do.
  • But they also need your dedication and quick, polite responses to the customers.
  • It means that you can work for Instacart and Shipt together but, it should not reduce the quality of your work.
  • Both the companies work for customer satisfaction. That’s why you might need to brace yourself.
  • Working for both companies can be a necessity for some people. But some also do them to spend their free and extra time. While some do them to save money for their future.
  • It will surely boost your income and improve your standard of living.
  • You will have to take orders with intelligence so that you are not wasting your as well as customers’ time.
  • In short, you can work for Shipt and Instacart together. No one can stop you unless you do not want to do them.

Is working for Shipt and Instacart together a good idea?

  • It depends on the reasons for which you have taken this decision.
  • If you are able to handle the stress of different jobs then, you can work for both of them.
  • If you need money then, working for both Shipt and Instacart is a great idea. It will make you financially stronger, and that is an amazing thing.
  • If you are pooling money for your college and do not have any other work then, it is a great idea.
  • But if you are just doing them as a time pass thing then there is no future in it.
  • It is because both these jobs need effort and time. Delays in orders can lead to the cancellation of orders and poor ratings.
  • Instead, you can be doing any other part-time job which will make you more money and isn’t this hectic.
  • One should know that most of the amount you earn here comes from tips.
  • So if you are late, impolite then customers will cut down your tip.
  • Keeping these things in mind, you can decide whether working for Shipt and Instacart is a great idea or not.

Why shouldn’t you work for Instacart and Shipt together?

There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t work two jobs. We will be mentioning some of them and, they are-

1. Too much work- The work will become too much. You will have to shop a lot and then also make quick deliveries.

2. Work-life balance- You will lose your work-life balance by working two busy jobs. You will be working the whole day and you will have no time for yourself.

3. Less pay- Even after adding both the incomes, you will feel that your earning is low. Many people like to tip the shoppers and that is not a good experience.

4. Strength work- Groceries and stuff are heavier and thus need strength to carry the goods from place to place. 

5. Costly- Delivering two orders to different areas can increase your gas expenses, etc. Sometimes profits are less than the expenses.

You can still try to work for both and get experience. You can also take the help of your friends and experienced people in the same field.

Moreover, if you get the catch of how to work both jobs then, it is a win-win situation.


Instacart and Shipt are a good combination of jobs to work together. If you do it smartly then, you can earn well in less time. 

Your motive should be effective deliveries and you will be doing fine. So, we would say that it is completely fine to work for Shipt and Instacart at the same time.


  1. Which pays more, Instacart or Shipt?

Ans- According to the reviews, both Instacart and Shipt pay almost the same.

  1. How to maximize my income while working for both Instacart and Shipt?

Ans- You can maximize your income by taking the right orders. The orders should be near so that, you are making more money in less time.

  1. Is working for Instacart as well as Shipt profitable?

Ans- Yes, by taking the correct orders, a shopper can earn good profits.

  1. Is it hectic to work for Shipt and Instacart?

Ans- It is hectic until you take longer and thoughtless orders.

Can you work for shipt and instacart at the same time?

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