Does Zoe’s Kitchen have wifi?- All About Zoes Kitchen

Does Zoes Kitchen have wifi?

Zoe’s Kitchen is a fast-food chain restaurant specializing in serving freshly made Mediterranean food for its customers. Operating in over 250 locations across the US, the fast-food chain houses 4,200 employees, serving millions of customers. It became a subsidiary of Cava group in 2018 to expand better into the suburban markets and serve more people. Let’s know ‘Does Zoe’s Kitchen have wifi?’

Whether it is a family dinner, a small get-together with friends, or a work meeting, Zoes Kitchen promises to offer the best environment that caters to every individual visiting them. With so much on the plate to offer, does Zoes Kitchen offer wifi to its customers?

With wifi becoming one of the basic necessities, it is hard to find any place without a wifi network. The answer to the question: does Zoes Kitchen have wifi is yes. 

Committing to delivering exceptional experiences, Zoes Kitchen offers free wifi at all of its locations, enabling its customers to go about their online work without any disturbances. The wifi access is unrestricted, accompanied by good signal and speed. So, employees can have a quick work call while dining with their family or while catching up with their friends. 

Know More About Zoe’s Kitchen

Founders Zoe and Marcus Cassimus opened their first Zoes Kitchen location in Alabama in June 1995. Though the restaurant wasn’t franchised initially, this changed gradually, and they began expanding their services into the catering arena. 

The fast-food restaurant chain has grown into nearly 250 locations across the US, with its headquarters in Plano, Texas. It started making online deliveries in 2011 and launched a mobile loyalty app in 2013. Zoe’s Kitchen specializes in serving Mediterranean food, with the menu offering different varieties of Kabobs, Salads, Sandwiches, Soups, and so much more.

As of now, here’s a list of the top ten famous and must-try dishes at Zoe’s Kitchen- 

  • Chicken Kabobs
  • Greek Salad
  • Hummus
  • Chicken Orzo Soup
  • White Beans 
  • Grilled Chicken Breast Dinner for 4
  • Chicken Rollups
  • Salmon Kabobs
  • Chicken Salad to Go
  • Roasted Vegetables


Zoe’s Kitchen was acquired by Cava in August 2018, making the restaurant chain a subsidiary of Cava group. Cava is one of the leading Mediterranean culinary brands in the market and shares the same commitment at Zoe’s Kitchen in serving the customers. One of the reasons behind this acquisition is to expand better into the suburban markets. 

In September 2018, the restaurant chain partnered with American Airlines to offer a better in-flight experience to the passengers by catering to their travel cravings. 

Besides American Airlines, Zoe’s also partnered with Whole30 to serve the customers as per their dietary preferences. 

Zoe’s Kitchen Rewards

As a token of gratitude towards its loyal customers, Zoe’s Kitchen started a program to reward them. Through this program, regular members of Zoe’s Kitchen can earn ZK Stripes upon purchase of certain eligible items. These stripes can be redeemed for any item at Zoes Kitchen. However, this program is only restricted to specific locations and is not available at all locations. 

By being a regular participant of this program, customers can also receive exclusive member-only offers, memorable gifts for birthdays, and several other surprises. 


Zoe’s Kitchen is known for keeping up with the changing times, from accepting online orders to launching a mobile application and offering free wifi at all of its locations. The restaurant chain is best known for serving Mediterranean food to its customers. To stick to its commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to its customers, the company even sold itself to Cava. What started as a single restaurant in Alabama became a restaurant chain with over 250 locations across the US until it finally got acquired by the Cava group.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

What Kind of Restaurant is Zoes Kitchen?

Zoe’s Kitchen is a fast-food restaurant chain that offers a variety of fresh Mediterranean food. The menu offers different types of Kabobs, Pitas, Salads, Sandwiches, and so much more.  

Does Zoes Kitchen Deliver?

Yes. Zoes started making online deliveries in 2011. The restaurant chain also launched a mobile loyalty app in 2013 to deliver fresh Mediterranean food at the customer’s fingertips.  

How Does Zoes Kitchen Pay Its Employees?

Zoe’s Kitchen employees receive better wages compared to other restaurant chains. The company pays all its employees biweekly through direct deposit or pay card. 

Did Cava Replace Zoes Kitchen?

In August 2018, Cava group acquired Zoes Kitchen in a $300 Million deal. Since then, Cava group has become the parent company of Zoes Kitchen. Cava planned on converting some of Zoes Kitchen’s locations to cater to the needs of suburban markets. 

Can I Tip Zoes Kitchen Employees?

As per the company’s laws, employees are prohibited from accepting tips from the customers. So, it is always best to avoid tipping them.

Does Zoe’s Kitchen have wifi?- All About Zoes Kitchen

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