Is Rimmel cruelty-free?

Getting ready is not just about wearing that perfect dress and doing a perfect hairdo. For many girls, getting ready is all about that perfect eyeliner and lipstick, complimented by a suitable shade of compact. In a time when cosmetics have become a necessity, it is important to choose them wisely. There can be many factors for choosing the right cosmetic product, like the ingredients used in it, the chemicals it has, and whatnot. 

Companies also perform animal testing of their products or formulas, to ensure their safety on humans. Such practices are disapproved widely. In the cosmetic industry, Rimmel is a popular name in the UK. It has also expanded to several other countries. In such a case people must be interested in knowing about the cruel status of Rimmel. Till now, the company is not 100% cruelty-free.

Is Rimmel cruelty-free?


Rimmel has expanded its consumer base with its affordable and high-quality products. Its compact powders are loved by a majority of ladies in the UK. The beauty care brand started as a Perfume company, way back in 1844. Its founders, Hyacinthe Mars Rimmel and Eugene, ran a perfumery for 14 years.  

Afterward, the duo decided to explore some other areas. This resulted in Rimmel becoming a leading brand in the world of cosmetics. The high-quality products were sold with a well-planned marketing strategy. This also helped the company in gaining success. 

Rimmel’s current owner, Coty Inc. took it over under the acquisition of Unilever’s European Brands. Now, the company holds 77 brands running in countries like Paris, the USA, etc.


Rimmel is not a 100% cruelty-free brand. The company doesn’t necessarily test every product or formula on animals. However, it is bound to perform animal testing, due to legal obligations in countries like China. China is among some of the countries, where it is important for any beauty brand to test its cosmetic products on animals, to seek approval of its sales in the country. It is worth noting, that the company earns a huge share of profit from its Chinese market. That’s why leaving that market on moral grounds would turn out to be disastrous for the company’s balance sheet. However, many companies have found an alternative to animal testing and they also refrain from selling their products in countries like China. 


As per Rimmels’ Testing Policy, it doesn’t rely upon animal testing. It also doesn’t allow any third party to perform animal testing. But the animal testing procedure is followed under certain situations. 


Rimmel’s cosmetic products have some content of Gluten and Paraben. Many brands sell Paraben-free products. The component is mainly added as a preservative.  Paraben might help preserve the products, but it doesn’t suit the skin. Its application may cause brittle or chapping of skin. People may also experience swelling or rashes. 

There have not been enough researches to prove that Gluten is harmful to the skin. But the people with gluten sensitivity should avoid using such products. For such people, Rimmel has a range of Gluten-free products.

Some of them are Rimmel Maxi Blush, Wonder Swipe 2 in 1 Liner to Shadow, Magnif’eyes Eye Shadow Palette, Stay Glossy Lipgloss, Perfection Liquid Foundation.

 Most of Rimmel’s products are easy to use and good for the skin. There have been no cases of hypo allergy after using Rimmel’s products. The cosmetic products of Rimmel are long lasting and give a good finishing to the makeup. But the presence of Paraben may cause some skin problems to its user. 


If you want to switch your cosmetic products after knowing the cruelty status of Rimmel, then there are some suggestions of alternative brands you can think of. EIF cosmetics provide completely cruelty-free products. Moreover, its products are also 100% vegan. Another good option is Cover FX. It is a high care brand, which provides the best quality of beauty care and cosmetic products. It  also has a wide variety of options, but people may have to some extra pennies for this alternative.


Rimmel is a leading cosmetic brand in the UK as well as in the USA.  Its high-quality cosmetic products, at an affordable price, have gained huge popularity among the masses. But the company is not 100% cruelty-free. The company has stated in its testing policy, that it doesn’t conduct animal testing for its products every time. But it has to perform these tests to save its highly profitable market in countries like China. Because of its selected testing of products on animals, the company is not certified by PETA. As the company’s products, include animal products and extracts,  it also not completely vegan.


Q. Is Rimmel vegan?

Ans. No Rimmel’s cosmetic products are not completely vegan. This means that the company uses animal extracts or their by-products in the manufacturing of its cosmetic products.

Is Rimmel cruelty-free?

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