Tip Walmart grocery delivery drivers


Walmart is a very famous grocery store. Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. It was founded in 1962. The headquarters is in the United States. Tip Walmart grocery delivery drivers

Tip Walmart grocery delivery drivers

Drivers empower service providers with opportunities to earn money by shopping and delivering customer orders from Walmart and other retailers.


The delivery drivers helps you by delivering your groceries at home. You can place the order at Walmart on the online website and application. The tips for delivery drivers are optional, and if you tip your delivery driver then, they will keep it as a gift or thanks to delivering the products. You can choose the tip for your delivery driver when you place your order or, you can also give the tip to your delivery driver when he delivered your items or when you received your items. You can give them cash as a tip. They will safely deliver your products because they have to know it to their customers so, they bring the products safely. 

They also want to serve you the best so they will always be on time. You can choose your delivery time and schedule your time and date for delivering the groceries that you bought but, if you need urgent then, you can click on them ASAP. They will deliver your groceries at home for just 1 to 2 hours. There are many delivery drivers at Walmart. The stark, Instacart is for delivery drivers. They can earn through it by delivering your products safely and clean. You can go further with your tip like 30%, 40%. They always protect you as during this covid situation all the drivers are vaccinated because they don’t want to hurt or don’t want to sick their customers. They will always make sure that their safety is your safety so, they don’t want to give a chance by not getting vaccinated.


1. Add your tip at the time of checkout.

2. You can appreciate them by giving positive feedback for your delivery experience.

3. You can give them a tip after you received your order.

4. You can give more stars as feedback to your delivery driver. It is a good thing for them if you show some kindness.

5. Always tip your delivery driver. They will be happy.

6. It’s your choice like how much you want to tip them.

7. The tipping method is optional, but you can tip them. At least give them 20% as a tip because they will deliver your items at home and shows that they are hardworking.

8. They preferred cash as a tip then, you can give them cash if you want, but it is okay if you want to tip them as an online payment.

9. You can surprisingly tip them by not adding a tip online when you placed your order. Tip them after you received your order.

10. Give an honest comment and positive feedback to your delivery driver. They feel good if you give a positive comment or feedback about their service experience.

11. Delivery drivers always reach your grocers safely, whether it is summer or winter, or rainy weather. They are doing to make their customers happy, and also they must make the customer happy by delivering their products on time.


Walmart is a store, and you can place your order online. Make sure to tip your delivery driver. It shows kindness if you tip your delivery driver. We know the tipping method is optional, but it is good to tip them. The minimum tip is 10%. You can tip them whatever you want like cash or any gift or something you want to give them then, don’t hesitate. They will honor you if you want to give them. The delivery drivers work for you. They always try to deliver your products on time. They will appreciate it if you want to give them a great tip just because to deliver your products. Some people don’t tip their delivery driver because it is optional but, no it’s not a good thing.


1. How much does the delivery driver earn?

The delivery driver earns approximately $15 to $20.

2. Is it necessary to tip the delivery driver?

No, it is optional to tip the delivery driver for their service.

3. Does Walmart keep the tip of the delivery driver?

No, if you tip your delivery driver then they will see that.

4. How do delivery drivers know if we tip them online at the time of placing an order?

It’s written on your order when you placed your order online. They can see that.

Tip Walmart grocery delivery drivers

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