Do USPS Stamps Expire?

Do USPS Stamps Expire?


The most essential thing to send mail through the United States Postal Service is a stamp. Without using it, you can not send any package, mail, or parcel through the United States Postal Service. If you mailed something without a stamp, they will automatically reject your mail. If your mail gets declined, they will send it back to you. So make sure to use a stamp. What if your stamp is a little old? Will they work for the mail? Do USPS Stamps Expire? To know everything about the stamps of the United States Postal Service, keep reading the article. 

Do USPS Stamps Expire? 

No. The stamps issued by the Postal Service of the United States do not have an expiry date. You can even use the former stamps handed out by the Postal Service of the United States in the 1860s while mailing. A stamp plays a crucial part in the delivery of your package or parcel. So make sure to post a stamp on your mail while packaging

What are USPS Stamps and their Types? 

Stamp acts as a postage price. When there were no stamps people had to pay extra charges for their packages. The stamps issued by the Postal Service of the United States are called USPS stamps. There are several types of stamps published by the US Postal service. The types of stamps issued by the US Postal Service are as follows:-

  • Definitive stamps 
  • Airmail stamps 
  • Coil stamps
  • Certified mail stamp
  • Booklet stamp
  • Express mail stamp
  • Customized stamp
  • Forever stamps
  • Military stamp
  • Local post stamp
  • International stamp
  • Perforated stamp
  • Occupation stamp
  • Postal tax stamp
  • Self-adhesive stamp
  • Special stamp
  • Variable value stamp
  • Water-activated stamp
  • Postage due stamp

Why do we need USPS stamps? 

When there was not a single stamp invented, People used to pay the postage price on their own. Sometimes the receiver used to reject to pay the expected price. After the invention of the stamp in 1840 in England, people started using them as a price of Postal service. Later, people started collecting the stamps that got discontinued.  

The collection of stamps becomes valuable. If a person has a rare stamp, it is said to be valuable and the price of the stamp can go up to millions and billions sometimes. People started collecting stamps as a hobby, who gave it a thought that it would be the source of income for them in the future? It is for sure a thing to remember how people made money out of small pieces of paper. 

How to find the value of a USPS stamp? 

The aspects on which you can identify whether a USPS stamp is valuable or not:- 

  • Make sure it is old enough.
  • The stamp should be rare. 
  • It should be in nice condition with no damage. Otherwise, the price of it will decrease.
  • The design and structure of the stamp.
  • If it is a face stamp, then you should keep an eye on who is the person on the stamp. 

How do you know if a USPS stamp is good to use? 

As we all are familiar with the fact till now, stamps are one of the most essential things if you have to send a mail to an address. There are certain criteria of a stamp that need to be confirmed before posting a stamp on the mail. The criteria for a good stamp are as follows:- 

  • Make sure that your stamp is not on or damaged. The stamp that you are using should not have single damage even on the borders. 
  • Make sure that the value of the stamp you are using is visible and not blurred or covered with marks. 
  • The stamp you are using must’ve not lost its adhesiveness. 

What is a USPS Forever Stamp? 

USPS forever stamps are the type of stamps that you buy, you pay a price, and they are good forever. You can use a forever stamp as long as you have stamps until the post office goes out of business and the internet takes over the world, or there’s an apocalypse. Forever stamps can be used without any limitations of the expiry date. 


In conclusion, the stamps issued by the US Postal Service do not have an expiry date. You can use them as long as they are not damaged, are glue-able, and have a visible price printed on them. The forever stamps issued by USPS can also be used infinite times. 


  1. Do USPS stamps have a use-by date? 

No, USPS stamps do not have a use-by date. 

  1. When did USPS forever stamps start? 

The USPS forever stamps started in the year 2007. 

  1. Can I use Christmas stamps issued by USPS after Christmas? 

Yes, you can use Christmas stamps issued by USPS even after Christmas gets over.

Do USPS Stamps Expire?

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