Is Your AT&T Internet Very Slow?-5 Common causes & Fixes

Have you ever been frustrated at a slow internet connection when you were binge-watching your favorite series, which ultimately killed your flow? Or when you were busy working online, it suddenly showed frequent buffering.Is Your AT&T Internet Very Slow?Well, if you are feeling what I’m feeling, then you are at the right place.If you are someone who is looking for practical guidance to fix your poor internet connectivity issues, this article will help you understand and troubleshoot them in the best possible way.

Is Your AT&T Internet Very Slow?

Five main Reasons for a Slow AT&T Internet

The prior step to fixing the problem is to find out all the possibilities of having a poor internet connection. There can be many reasons for a slow AT&T connection like router issues, running background applications, using too many devices at a time, bandwidth restrictions, surrounding interferences, etc. Let us detail five of the main problems: 

Bandwidth Restrictions

We sign up for an internet subscription with a specific bandwidth limit for that plan. When we surpass our bandwidth limit, the service provider may reduce our bandwidth by slowing down our internet connection. For instance, if we choose a 20Mbps bandwidth and our consumption exceeds the data limit,Is Your AT&T Internet Very Slow? AT&T may reduce the available bandwidth, resulting in poor internet access. Sometimes, these restrictions are imposed by AT&T during peak hours of the day to reduce network congestion and to keep everyone connected. 

Connecting too many Devices

If our internet subscription has a bandwidth of 6Mbps and we connect mobile and laptop to it, the bandwidth gets evenly distributed between the two devices. As a result, each device will only receive 3Mbps, substantially reducing Wi-Fi performance.


We sometimes open too many applications in the browser at the same time, such as viewing a YouTube video, downloading a large file, and video talking on our phones, all while using the same network. This can generate network congestion, affecting internet speed in the process.

Internet Outages

Due to network congestion and maintenance activities like digging, road works, natural disasters, connecting mobile and laptops, or other maintenance activities from Is Your AT&T Internet Very Slow? AT&T’s end, there can be disruption in optic fiber cables damaging the network infrastructure. This internet disruption can only be addressed from the service provider’s end.

Router Problems

It is possible that the router we’re using is malfunctioning. For example, it might be outdated, or if it is kept too far away from the computer or mobile device, the bandwidth may get reduced, resulting in slow internet speeds.

How to Fix Slow Internet Connectivity

Before contacting the service providers for technical support, ensure that the slow internet problem cannot be handled independently. Because sometimes, it can be due to overlooked reasons like usage of too many devices, faulty routers, or any other interferences. 

  • When working on tasks that demand a lot of data, make sure that only one or a limited number of devices are used at a time to ensure an uninterrupted internet connection.
  • Restart the router by manually switching it off and turning it back on again. This resets the router and begins fresh transmission of data, offering better bandwidth.
  • Use a Wi-Fi extender to amplify the existing Wi-Fi signal where its strength is weak.
  • Change router location to open spaces or to places closer to your work and ensure that obstacles like walls or other appliances do not interfere with Wi-Fi signals.
  • If all the above methods fail, contact the technical support team of AT&T to restore internet speed.


Internet usage has increased a thousand folds in terms of working & studying online, and for entertainments purposes. As a result, our concern is to have an uninterrupted internet connection at very high speeds. I hope this article was helpful in addressing your concerns. Now, you could just sit back and enjoy your favorite shows!

Frequently asked questions

1.Can ATT slow down internet speeds?

A.If there is congestion in the network due to high usage or if you have exceeded your monthly data limit, ATT can reduce the bandwidth usage resulting in slow internet speeds.

2.How can I know if AT&T is restricting my bandwidth?

A.You can check the internet connection speed using an online tool like If the download speed is significantly slower than the speed stated in your plan, then your bandwidth might be restricted. 

3.How can I cancel ATT services?

  • The account owner has to call ATT customer support on 800.288.2020
  • You must have the account number and personal identification number while calling.
  • Call during operating hours.

4.How can I boost AT&T internet speed?

A.You can use a Wi-Fi extender. This will boost the internet speed in areas where the network is weak. If you are dealing with bulky tasks like file transfer, high definition video, then you can use Ethernet cables as it has less interference, more stability & better internet speed.

Is Your AT&T Internet Very Slow?-5 Common causes & Fixes

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