Royal Caribbean Loyalty Program

Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International (RCI) is a travel and tour cum cruise line company originating from Norway but later acquired by the Royal Caribbean group in 1997. They have a host of facilities, including private beaches, on ship amenities, which include pools, golf sets, bars, and dance floors. It also owns the world’s largest four passenger ships.Royal Caribbean Loyalty Program,it has different classes of ships available to service passengers like Vision class, the Voyager class, the Radiance class, the Freedom-class, among many more. These classes are distinguished based on the kind of facilities they offer to their passengers. During the covid-19 pandemic, since all of the travel and Tour industry has been suffering, RCI is no exception to the multitudes and has had to cancel a lot of their cruise lines.

Royal Caribbean Loyalty Program

The Crown & Anchor Society

Yes, there is a Royal Caribbean Loyalty Program offered by the cruise line. The loyalty program offered by Royal Caribbean International is called The Crown and Anchor Society. Like most loyalty programs, this one too offers benefits and provides rewards and recognition to the company’s loyal customers. There are exclusive benefits offered to enhance Cruise experiences with the company. You will earn a cruise point for every night spent on one of the Cruises that the company has to offer. Points can later be redeemed to avail exclusive benefits and facilities on ship and on land. The more points you accumulate, the more benefits and exclusive rewards you gather. There are six divisions within the classes called Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Diamond Plus, and the Pinnacle Club.

What are the Features of the Program

  • Crown & Anchor Society members will gain access to several kinds of rewards, discounts, private events, and even exclusive access to a newly inculcated Call Centre service that is dedicated to solving all your doubts 24/7.
  • You save a lot on last-minute bookings, and you will also be able to get a discount on your next booking via a cruise line.
  • This range of benefits is not only available on our ships but also our participating partners.

Cardholder Advantage

In partnership with visa Royal Caribbean International (RCI) has come up with the cardholder benefit plan, which includes:

  1. no annual fee on foreign transactions
  2. Twice the points that you would have earned without the card
  3. A MyCruise Point earned for every dollar spent on partner alliances

You can also use this card for onboard credit and use it without any fee wherever the cruise may be in the world.


Yes, one should consider buying the Crown & Anchor Society loyalty program if they are a frequent passenger with the cruise line. The fact that you are signed up automatically after your first cruise is an added benefit since you skip most of the paperwork, which is prevalent in other loyalty programs. This allows customers to avail benefits right from the second purchase with the organization.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does one access the program?


  • If you are currently on a cruise, you don’t need to sign up for the Crown & Anchor Society loyalty program, and the cruise line will automatically enroll in the program after your cruise has ended.
  • Membership benefits will begin as soon as you have completed one Royal Caribbean International Cruise through the cruise line (not a partner line).
  • You can visit the loyalty ambassador desk onboard to get help for signing up for the program. You can provide your contact information, and you will be issued a brochure that will answer most of your doubts.

Q: What are Cruise Points for the Crown & Anchor Society loyalty program?

A: Cruise points allow you to get the membership status of the Loyalty program in the subject.

  1. You will on one Cruise point for every night sailed onboard and doubled (2) if you have a suite booked under your name.
  2. For example, if it’s a 5-night Cruise, you will earn 5 points. If you have a suite booked, then you will have earned 10 points.
  3. Point to be recorded after you are completed your current sailing.
  4. Cruise points are directly proportional to the number of benefits next music awards he will get on a cruise.
  5. Cruise points allow you to upgrade your category based on the points gathered by you. You will be able to avail yourself more benefits the better your category within the program. 

Q: Why should one consider signing up for the program?

A: As soon as you complete one sail with the cruise line, you will become a gold crown and Anchor society member, which will entitle you to any exclusive rewards and benefits from the next sail that you book with the line. Members will get amenities discounts and will also get to take part in on-cruise exclusive events.

Royal Caribbean Loyalty Program

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