Does Walmart Make Car Keys?

Losing a car key can be a big issue, especially when you don’t have a spare. If you want to make spare of your car keys, there is a simple way to do this. You don’t have to wait for your key to get lost before you get a spare.

Does Walmart Make Car Keys?

You have probably heard the saying that you can find anything you are looking for at a Walmart store. Walmart is the largest retail store or chain in the world. They sell everything, no, change that to almost everything. And here’s the most incredible thing: Walmart also provides car key copying services.

For more on Walmart’s key copying services and how that is done, continue reading.

Does Walmart Offer Key Making Services?

Yes. Walmart is arguably the biggest retail store in the world and it also offers technical services, including key making and key copying services. Walmart can only copy a specific type of key, and those are metal keys. If your car key is made of metal, then it can be copied at Walmart key making services.

However, modern keys that come with electronic transponders and sophisticated chips are impossible to duplicate at Walmart. This is because those types of keys are specially programmed by the manufacturer to open only one car, and only the manufacturer can create or provide duplicates for them.

The key making services at Walmart are relatively cheap, the price ranges from $2 for the simplest duplicate to $7 for the harder types.

Which Part of Walmart Provides Key Making Services?

If you have lost your car key or want to have it duplicated as security against future losses, then you should head to MinuteKey at Walmart. MinuteKey is a small kiosk that is placed in front of the Walmart store. This is where all key making services are done at Walmart.

Key duplication at MinuteKey does not take over 30 minutes. This is a relatively fast process, and the company also provides a 30 day warranty for keys made at their stores.

If you still haven’t found the kiosk yet, then you should ask a Walmart associate for directions. Better still, you can find their kiosk locations on the company’s website directory by searching for the MinuteKey Kiosk locator.

Can Walmart’s MinuteKey Make All Types Of Keys?

Only a specific type of key can be made and copied at MinuteKey. If your car is an older model and therefore has an old metal key, then you can get your key easily made at MinuteKey. Metal keys are the only type of keys that can be made or duplicated at MinuteKey. The other types, which are newer, more modern and sophisticated, cannot be duplicated by the MinuteKey key making machine.

Newer and more modern cars are made with a sophisticated door opening and ignition system that cannot be copied or duplicated by third parties. The reason for this is mainly security as those kinds of keys are only issued by the manufacturers. If you have misplaced yours, you can request for one from the car maker.

There is another category of keys that cannot be made or duplicated by MinuteKey. Those are public keys or keys that come with specific warnings not to duplicate. These are sensitive keys and no MinuteKey kiosk or associate will duplicate them for you.

However, for people that use the newer and sophisticated keys, if your car key still works but the button that unlocks the car is broken. You can get replacements for them at some electronic stores, including Walmart. But these fobs must be programmed with a secret chip by the manufacturer before they can work. Some locksmiths are also equipped with the right instruments to program the spare key fobs.

What Is The Cost Of Making Car Keys At Walmart?

It is good sense to know the cost of something before going for it. don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on that front as well.

Making car keys at Walmart costs from $2 to $7, the final price depends on the type and design of the key you want to copy.

It is important to note that car key copying services at Walmart are self-service, that is you do it yourself. And it takes less than 30 minutes to complete the process.

Once you are done copying your car key, payment can be completed through several options, including debit and credit cards, Apple pay and cash.


Walmart has everything, and that includes key making services. The store is your one-stop to solving all your merchandise problems, and even technical ones such as car key making.


1. Does Walmart make car keys?

Ans: Yes, Walmart provides car key making services through MinuteKey Kiosk.

2. How long does it take to make car keys at Walmart?

Ans: Walmart car key making process is relatively fast, you can have your key made in 30 minutes.

3. Are there keys that cannot be made at Walmart?

Ans: Modern car keys with RFID chips and sophisticated ignition systems cannot be duplicated at Walmart.

Does Walmart Make Car Keys?

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