Shoprite Vs Acme

Here we will see about the Shoprite Vs Acme

Acme Supermarket and Shoprite are two leading supermarkets. But what sets them apart? This comparison will help you decide on who offers the best value for your money!

Shoprite Vs Acme
  • When one needs groceries, Shoprite is the place to go. This grocery store chain is very large with stores all across America. If you live near one of their locations, they have a high-quality selection for your shopping needs.
  • Acme Supermarket is a family-owned grocery store in the middle of Kansas City, Missouri. They’re locally owned, not part of a distant corporate chain. They’ve been in the same location for more than forty years and have a dedicated clientele because we offer substantial savings over other retailers.

Selection of Products

Shoprite has the biggest range of products in SA, with more than 19,000 items on sale. Both Shoprite and Acme are large chains that stock a huge variety of products – from fresh produce to cleaning materials and clothes.


The prices of Shoprite’s products are generally cheaper than Acme. For example, a liter of milk costs R14.50 at Shoprite, while it costs R18 at Acme. A kilo of sugar costs R28 at Shoprite, while it costs R32 at Acme.


Waitrose Food Director Emma McCarry says the quality of the supermarkets’ products varies from store to store. She adds that she believes there isn’t much difference between the supermarkets when it comes to quality and freshness, as both chains have tended to focus on offering cheap prices in recent years.

Choice of Products

So how do you choose between the two supermarkets? Simply take a look at the products they offer. Take a look at their bread, snacks, fresh produce, and dairy selection, as this will help you decide which supermarket has the best variety and value for your money.

The quality of goods varies between the two supermarkets. Shoprite is known for its fresh produce; it stocks only the highest quality items that have been freshened up and washed before being packaged (most other supermarkets use pre-packaged goods).

Special Offers

Both supermarkets offer special offers from time to time (usually every week). Shoprite has Clubcard savings at the end of every month, while Acme has regular vouchers and coupons. These special offers help boost sales and will help keep your grocery bill down!

Stores’ Unique Personality

Most supermarkets have a distinct personality, and each store generally offers something different. Shoprite is known for its maps and signs, while Acme has used the slogan ‘There’s more to life than bread’.

The Customer Experience

If you are shopping in the store, you should experience a fun and friendly atmosphere. Shoprite offers a fun experience, as it features its supermarket characters such as the ‘Flying Breadman’ and the shoppers who wave at visitors while they shop.

Acme has created an environment that resembles a small town. It features a community area with seating areas, an indoor children’s play area, and several stores selling various items under the same roof.


If you are shopping at Acme Supermarket, expect to be waited on by pleasant smiling staff members. Shoprite employees are also helpful and welcoming, but Acme’s employees seem to know more about the various products you are buying, which can help save you time when shopping.

Online Shopping

Shopping online is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. There is little difference between Shoprite and Acme when it comes to online shopping. Both supermarkets’ websites make it easy for shoppers to browse through the available products, compare prices, and place orders.


When you order online, you can expect to get delivery within 48 hours. The delivery is usually free when you buy more than R750 worth of goods from Shoprite or R900 from Acme – unless the products are being delivered to a rural area.


Both Shoprite and Acme are supermarket chains that offer great value, selection, and convenience. They both offer online shopping, special offers, and gifts to their members. They even have supermarkets in the same neighborhoods (and probably even share staff at some stores). So which one is better?

It just comes down to personal preference based on what you want from a supermarket. Shoprite may be the better option if you demand high-quality fresh produce and dairy products, while Acme could save you money with its special offers. Whichever one you choose, you will find everything you need to make your shopping trip a success! I am sure that this article will help you a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is there an Acme in LA?

A: Not in LA, but one will find Acme in Las Vegas!

2. When was Shoprite founded?

A: Shoprite stores were established in 1937 by Arthur Bernhard and Brinkies Konsument Kompanjie. The brand was rebranded as Shoprite Checkers in 1986 to better represent the wide range of products available at the supermarket. Today, there are more than 280 branches of the supermarket chain across South Africa and 19,000 products on sale. People can also find Shoprite stores in Mozambique.

3. What is Shoprite’s slogan?

A: There’s more to life than bread!

Shoprite Vs Acme

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