Unicorn Tire Warranty 

Tires play an extremely significant role while driving any vehicle. Tire quality can’t be overlooked while driving. The safety of drivers and passengers depends upon the tire quality. An efficient tire has numerous advantages. It gives smoothness on the road while riding. A good quality tire provides good tread and maintains proper balance. A good tire improves fuel efficiency and enhances the vehicle’s mileage. Tires with proper grip intensify the overall performance of a vehicle. Unicorn Tire Warranty offers a warranty for up to 5 years from the date of purchase. A warranty claim will be considered valid only if a tire doesn’t get worn up to the initial 2/32 of tread depth.

The offered warranty comes with limitations on it. Unicorn has defined certain eligibility criteria that are mandatory to fulfill for registering a valid claim. Under a few determined conditions, the claim will not be entertained for further process. A client is required to hold the original documents of the product. 

Unicorn Tire Warranty

What Is Covered Under The Offered Warranty

Unicorn aims to be one of the most reliable brands in the tire segment. The below-mentioned information is detailed regarding the warranty coverage;

  • Tires must have been purchased new and unused 
  • Warranty can only be claimed if 2/32 tread depth in a tire is remaining
  • In case of a defective tire, Unicorn offers 100% replacement cost for the same, or comparable tire supplied by Unicorn
  • Unicorn doesn’t replace defective tires
  • Reimbursement will be credited according to the remaining 2/32 tread depth in a tire
  • Claim has to be made within 5 years from the date of purchase
  • A claim will be considered valid only in the states of America and Canada 

What Things Are Not Covered Under The Warranty

Unicorn Tire Warranty has determined certain exceptions under which claims will not be processed. Below-mentioned some of the cases that make a claim baseless;

  • Warranty becomes void if the claim has been made after 2/32 of tread depth in a tire
  • Unicorn is not entitled to offer reimbursement if a claim has been raised after 5 years from the date of purchase
  • Used or pre-owned tires are ineligible for warranty even if 2/32 of trade depth is remaining
  • In case tires receive damages due to road hazards that include impact damage, cuts, snags, punctures, scuffs, nails, potholes, chuckholes, etc.
  • Tires turned damaged due to improper installation, misapplication, use of an improper rim, improper mounting or dismounting, or wheel misalignment
  • No weather or ozone inspection for the past 4 years from the date of manufacture
  • Tires uses for commercial and racing purposes
  • Tires resulted in damages caused by under inflation, overloading, over deflection, abuse, excessive speed, accident, failure to follow recommended tire rotation practices, or improper tire and vehicle maintenance

How To Contact Unicorn Customer Service For a Claim

Unicorn believes in serving its customers on a priority basis. It offers multiple channels to establish contact with customers. A client is free to contact via phone by calling 901-547-5866, via sending a fax on 901-547-5867, via email i.e. info@unicorntire.com, or contact@unicorntire.com. In addition, a client may choose to connect to the executives via chat box through the official website of Unicorn tires i.e. https://www.unicorntire.com/

How a Request For a Claim Can Be Submitted

Unicorn has stated a proper procedure to raise a claim issue. The below-mentioned details have informed regarding the steps to register a claim;

  • A customer is required to note down the DOT number (four-digit number e.g.  DOT 25BL 3710) cut from the tire and should be mailed to the office. This number is mandatory to process the claim
  • Clear images of the claimed products should be mailed or emailed to the office
  • The serial number of the tire provided for each tire. It is mentioned inside a tire on a sticker. A claim will be considered invalid without a serial number
  • Remaining tread depth for each tire on the claim in 32nds of an inch
  • A proper reason on basis of which the claim has been made
  • Size ratio and brand name of the tire
  • Description of the tire whether a tire is new or had been driven on
  • Customers are highly instructed to mail all the aforementioned details to the office address.


Unicorn Tire Warranty is committed to offering smooth services to its clients. However, clients don’t feel satisfied with the presented services. Although most of the clients seem to be happy with the facilities offered against the warranty. In certain cases, a client might face a short delay in response after mailing. Unicorn holds multiple brands and hence makes the best attempts to satisfy its clients. It has been operating for more than a decade and has maintained a fair track record of crediting reimbursements. In addition, Unicorn has provided its clients with multiple ways to connect. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the procedure to receive a claim? 

A.A client is required to fill and mail Unicorn Tire’s Warranty Claim Form with a signature on it. The brand of the tire must be mentioned on the form.

2) What is the office address of Unicorn? 

A.The official address of Unicorn is 4045 Willow Lake Blvd. Memphis TN 38118. In case someone needs to mail a claim document, the person has to send mail to this address only.

3) Does Unicorn offer a replacement on damaged tires?

A.No, Unicorn doesn’t offer a replacement on damaged tires. It offers full reimbursement on the replacement of a tire or tire supplied by Unicorn. However, reimbursement will depend upon the remaining tread depth.

Unicorn Tire Warranty 

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