Do Grocery stores drug Test? 

Here we will see about the Do Grocery stores drug Test? 

Drug testing has become a mandatory procedure in most of the prominent companies of the USA. However, retail is one sector that is not so bound under drug tests. But is it the same for the grocery stores as well? Do the huge grocery store chains conduct drug tests before hiring employees? 

Do Grocery stores drug Test? 

The Drug Test policy in the grocery stores is different from company to company. There are various retail chains and grocery stores that conduct drug tests before hiring employees. But the local stores do not have such a compulsion. However, there are some retail chains where background checks are preferred over drug tests. 

Which grocery stores have a drug test policy?

There are several grocery stores to work in. But at local retail stores, drug tests are not undertaken before hiring employees. However, they might drug test in any suspicious situation. But there are various grocery retail chains, where drug tests are conducted before hiring the employees. 

Not all chains take drug tests before hiring. Some stores conduct these tests randomly while some after any in-store accident. The test is conducted for checking the presence of various types of drugs in the body. It could be tested by a sample of saliva or urine. The major grocery retail chains where drug tests are conducted are-


Kroger is one of the prominent grocery chains in the USA. It is mandatory to pass a drug test before getting hired at Kroger. Kroger tests the presence of several drugs in your body. The tests are conducted by either the sample of saliva or urine. The clinic where the drug test is conducted transfers the reports to Kroger. The reports confirm or reject your hiring in Kroger. 


Safeway always takes drug tests before hiring new employees in their stores. The test is conducted by taking either the sample of saliva or urine of the candidate. If the report of a drug test comes negative then only Kroger will hire the candidate. 

Kroger also takes drug tests when an employee gets any kind of injury while working in the organization. This is done to check whether the employee got the injury naturally or due to the effect of drugs on the body. If the drug test comes positive in this situation, the employer has no responsibility for the loss. The test is undertaken in any local clinic from where the reports are sent to Kroger. 


Aldi drug tests all the candidates before hiring. They are a chain engaged in handling heavy packaging and delivery. Therefore to ensure the protection of products it is important to conduct drug tests. In case of any accident also the firm takes the drug test. Aldi tests the saliva of employees for the test. 

Whole Foods 

Whole Foods have a drug test policy. But it is not for entry-level candidates. The retail chain takes drug tests of employees who are supposed to work with heavy machinery and some technology. However, it does take the test of any employee on getting any kind of injury at the workplace. This is a safety measure from the side of the company. If the drug test comes positive, the employer has no responsibility for injury. The employees can even get fired in this situation. Additionally, Whole Foods does a compulsory background check of employees. 

Trader Joe’s 

Trader Joe’s is not much into drug testing. They promote healthy relations between employees and employers. Hence, they did not feel the need for a drug test. However, in some stores, drug tests are conducted. 


At Walmart, drug tests are conducted for some specialized jobs only. There is no drug test at entry-level. 

How do stores do drug tests for employees? 

Drug tests are taken in two ways by the grocery retail chains. They can either take a sample of saliva or a sample of urine. The urine test gives more effective results than the saliva test. It can also trace the presence of drugs for a longer time. There are several drugs for which employer looks in the test- 

  • Marijuana 
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates 
  • Alcohol 
  • Amphetamines 
  • Nicotine
  • Methamphetamine 

Among all these major drugs, alcohol and nicotine do not create any problems for employees. The presence of these substances is considered normal and a job will be given to the candidate. 


Drug testing is a mandatory process in many of the prominent grocery stores in the USA. This is done to ensure a safe and secure environment for shoppers and other employees at the stores. While some major chains conduct drug tests, many chains do not conduct the test before hiring. Firms also conduct such tests if an employee faces any accidents to check any impact of drugs in the body of the employee.


  1. Do grocery stores consider retaking drug tests?

Answer: No, grocery stores do not consider retaking the drug test, because at the first attempt only, the test is conducted with utmost care. Secondly, retaking the test may increase the chances of a wrong result as one gets the chance to vanish the drug from the body. 

  1. Which grocery retail chain does not take a drug test? 

Answer: Albert Stone and Stop and Shop do not take a drug test before hiring. Whereas, Target does not drug test for all job positions in the company. 

Do Grocery stores drug Test? 

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