Does cookout take apple pay?

Apple or iPhone is the most used mobile phone by the US population. With the growth of digitalization all over the globe, the use of mobile apps has increased by people in making all types of transactions. Iphone’s Apple Pay is one of the major contactless payment apps in the USA. But can Apple Pay be accepted everywhere? Does the Cook Out fast food chain take Apple Pay? Does cookout take apple pay?

Does cookout take apple pay?

The good news for iPhone users is that CookOut started taking Apple Pay in 2020. Now customers of Cook Out are not required to take cash with them. With just one click on their iPhone, they can use Apple Pay to make fewer payments. There are several benefits of using Apple Pay over cash. Customers can earn cashback, vouchers, and discounts with Apple Pay. 

How to pay using Apple Pay at Cook Out?

Using Apple Pay is similar to using any other mobile payment app. Use Apple Pay at CookOut, in the same manner, you use it at any other place. At checkout scan the QR code available with the cashier. Enter the amount you have to pay, select the card to make payment, and enter the pin to complete the transaction. Apple is a very good choice for contactless payment. 

Normally, at every CookOut restaurant, Apple Pay is accepted. But it is advisable to check it on the Apple Maps App. It shows the location of all the stores and restaurants where Apple Pay is accepted. 

Perks of Apple Pay 

With the growth of digitalization, the use of cash is day-by-day decreasing. People are more dependent on mobile payment apps like Apple Pay because of the various advantages it offers. It is quick, easy to use, and solves the problem of cash. Using Apple Pay can give you various advantages over cash and other modes of payment-

  • Contactless Payment 

Contactless payment has become the most important safety need of today’s time. Covid crises have made it more significant for people. Apple Pay allows easy payment without any contact at the cash counter. On ordering food online as well, now you can use Apple Pay. This will make your food safer. 

  • Cashback 

Apple Pay provides you with various cashback. The cashback is awarded using the Apple Pay Card only. To avail of the cashback, Apple Pay Card should be accepted at the store or restaurant. At any transaction made with Apple Pay, it gives you a cashback of up to 3%. The Apple Pay Cardholders receive cashback frequently. However, it is advisable to check the terms and conditions and policies of Apple Pay regarding cashback and Apple Pay Card before payment. 

  • Discounts 

There are certain discount offers available at Apple Pay on using your debit card. So you can also add your debit card to your Apple Pay app to earn more. 

Alternative ways of payment at Cook Out 

While Apple Pay is one of the most convenient ways of payment at Cookout, the restaurant chain offers various other forms of payment as well. CookOut started taking Apple Pay in 2020. Before that these forms if payments were only accepted at Cook Out-

  • Cash 

As with any other restaurant in the USA, cash is accepted at CookOut as well 

  • Credit and debit card 

Cook Out takes payment from Credit and Debit cards as well. It accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. 

  • PayPal 

PayPal is also one of the major payment options at CookOut. 

  • App Payment 

Other than Apple Pay, CookOut also accepts payment from other mobile payment apps. Apple Pay is only available for iPhone users. Cook Out also takes Google Pay which is available for both iPhone and iOS users. 

Why some stores do not accept Apple Pay

There are some retail stores and restaurants where Apple Pay is not accepted. There are certain reasons for this-

  • Apple Pay uses NFC technology to run. If any store doesn’t have this technology, they cannot take Apple Pay. 
  • Some stores promote the use of their apps rather than receiving payment from any third-party app. 
  • To track the online behavior of customers some stores and restaurants ask to use their apps for payment. 


Apple Pay is used by the majority of mobile payment app users in the USA. Therefore, now most of the restaurants are accepting Apple Pay as a form of payment. CookOut is also one such restaurant chain. There are several benefits of using Apple Pay at Cook Out. It offers various cashback and discounts to Apple Pay Card holders. Additionally, it is convenient to use and allows contactless payment. However, you can also use cash, cards, and PayPal for payment at Cook Out. 


  1. In which other restaurants of the USA Apple Pay is accepted?

Answer: Restaurant chains like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway, White Castle, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, etc. accept Apple Pay all over the USA. 

  1.  Does CookOut take Samsung Pay?

Answer: Yes, CookOut accepts Samsung Pay at all their restaurants and for online orders.

Does cookout take apple pay?

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