Does Spirit Have Wifi?

Here we will see about the Does Spirit Have Wifi?

Back in time, there was no internet and connectivity in flights. Because of that, boarding long flights used to be very dull for the passengers. But, nowadays, most of the airlines in the USA provide in-flight Wi-Fi facilities to the passengers. This allows passengers to access an internet connection while boarding flights as well. Does Spirit Airlines provide a Wi-Fi facility to its customers?

Does Spirit Have Wifi?

Unfortunately, Spirit airlines do not have in-flight Wi-Fi currently. But it is working towards installing Wi-Fi in all their aircraft. Spirit is running the trial period of Wi-Fi in its few flights. Passengers who are traveling via these Wi-Fi testing flights can access in-flight Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi installation process is at its final stages, and soon it will start operating. 

Spirit Wi-Fi trials 

Before initiating a Wi-Fi facility in all flights and routes of Spirit airlines, they are taking trials. Under this trial, Wi-Fi is installed on a few flights. Passengers traveling have access to this Wi-Fi. The trial Wi-Fi has 100% coverage of flights. It is running at the same speed for the trial with which it will operate after the trial period. The trial period is important to plan the operations related to Wi-Fi accessibility and management. Notably, Spirit airlines are working on installing a Ka-band HTS system for high-speed internet connection. 

Spirit airlines can anytime initiate its Wi-Fi facilities. It announced the plan for Wi-Fi installation in 2018. Since then, the plan has faced many challenges. But now it is expected to start very soon. Earlier, the Wi-Fi facility was expected to start in 2019. But then it faced some technical issues. Again in 2020, Spirit faced some technical issues that interrupted the operations of flights with Wi-Fi. 

A new satellite system by Thales is installed by Spirit airlines to provide fast and high-quality internet to their passengers. It is expected that this year 97% of Spirit aircraft will have in-flight Wi-Fi. This will be very convenient for travelers, especially for long-distance flights. Spirit will provide high-speed Wi-Fi that will also support streaming videos while traveling. 

What will the cost of accessing Spirit Wi-Fi be?

Spirit Airlines has not started Wi-Fi services yet. But their website provides crucial details about the plan and the operation. According to the current prediction of Spirit, $6.50 will be charged for in-flight Wi-Fi services. However, the cost might change according to travel plans and demand. 

At this cost, Spirit airlines are offering quite good facilities. Spirit assures their Wi-Fi speed will allow passengers to browse the web, use social media, and even extremely high-quality videos.

Spirit compensation policy for poor internet connection 

Spirit has not yet started its Wi-Fi services, so its quality could not be judged. But even if you didn’t get good internet connectivity or didn’t get any Wi-Fi connection at all, they can receive compensation. In the USA there the US Department of Transportation guides certain rules regarding optional services. 

According to the rules, travelers can ask for a full refund of optional services if the services are not provided or are not as good as mentioned. So, if Spirit proves unsuccessful in providing efficient Wi-Fi services to their customers, they can demand a full refund.  

According to the US Department of Transportation, there are various ways to request a refund from the airline. Customers can request a full refund by-

  • Emailing the request 
  • Calling on 1801-401-2222
  • Messaging on 48763
  • What’s app on 1801-401-2222
  • Asking refund on DoNotPay app 

Benefits of Wi-Fi in airlines 

Many customers avoid Spirit airlines because it does not provide in-flight Wi-Fi. So, the news of Wi-Fi installation is quite exciting for customers. When there are internet connections during long flights, passengers can entertain themselves in many ways. Otherwise, flights went very boring. By connecting to in-flight Wi-Fi, travelers can-

  • Read e-books or listen to audiobooks. 
  • Can watch movies, series, and shows. Spirit will provide Wi-Fi that will support video streaming, so travelers can easily pass their traveling time. 
  • Attend meetings, conferences, and seminars. 
  • Talk with family, friends, and neighbors over video calls or chatting apps. 


Spirit Airlines is jumping to the Wi-Fi-providing airlines list very soon. Its trials and installation process are almost done. They are planning to provide in-flight Wi-Fi at $6.50. However, the cost may change in the future. Spirit assures a high-quality and fast-running internet where web browsing and video streaming could be easily done. However, the actual efficiency of this Wi-Fi will be reviewed only after the full installation. 


  1. Will Spirit airlines have any other in-flight entertainment arrangements?

Answer: No, Spirit Airlines has not announced any other in-flight entertainment facility until now. They might bring this facility in future. 

  1. How will passengers of Wi-Fi testing flights know about the availability of in-flight Wi-Fi?

Answer: Passengers of Wi-Fi testing flights will be informed about in-flight Wi-Fi during the announcement made before take-off. 

Does Spirit Have Wifi?

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