Shorts Like Birddogs

Birddogs shorts, which are great for strength work, runs, golf, and relaxing, are noted for fascinating features such as soft, adaptable, and comfy fabrics, zippered pockets, built-in liners, and drawstrings. However, in this article, we will look at shorts that are similar to Birddogs in terms of features and value.

Shorts Like Birddogs

Shorts Like Birddogs

The Meripex shorts, Lululemon shorts, Chubbies shorts, Vuori Kore shorts, and Makos Line shorts have all checked all the boxes for “Shorts like Birddogs” in terms of usage, design, quality, and fitness. Below, we’ll look at each of them individually to see how they compare to the Birddogs shorts.

The Meripex Shorts

The fabric utilized for Meripex, like that used for Birddogs, provides excellent durability, while the light weight quality and built-in lining provide comfort. Meripex Shorts are also comparable to Birddogs in terms of color choices. The fitness of Meripex is comparable to that of Khaki and Oxford Birddogs, which have a broader leg opening and are less fitted. Meripex also sells the two standard side pockets: one phone pocket and one tiny rear pocket for a wallet. In reality, they appear to be identical, with the same style, stitching, fit, and color.

Lululemon Shorts

Lululemon shorts can be seen in terms of Birddogs since they contain a built-in liner that comes in a lightweight, sweat-wicking, no-chafe brief. It is also great for training, running, yoga, and swimming and comes in lengths of 5, 7, 9, and 11. When you work up a sweat, the water-resistant block-It pocket technology on the back zipper pockets keeps your belongings safe and dry. They are of a higher caliber and are more durable since Lululemon employs high-quality materials and manufacturing procedures. The waistband has a larger flexible band that sits securely against the skin and does not rise or fall while you run.

Chubbies Shorts

Chubbies shorts come in a range of colors and sizes, and they include the following features:

  • Drawstring fastening
  • The original casual cotton shorts from Chubbies include a 5.5″ inseam, an elastic waist, ultra-stretch fabric, and a modern fit. These relaxed shorts are ideal for any occasion, including vacations, date nights, boating, golfing, and gym works.
  • Maximum comfort and support are provided by the butter-soft compression lining, which is made up of 86% polyester and 14% spandex.
  • You can rock climb, kick high, and lunge deep, thanks to the quality 4-way stretch fabric, made up of 85% polyester and 15% spandex.
  • There are two front pockets and one rear zipper pocket on these athletic shorts.

Vuori Kore Shorts

The Vuori Performance Jogger is a lightweight, breathable fabric that is ideal for exercise. The material is soft and there are drawstrings for further comfort. The drawstrings, eyelets, and other hardware are of great quality, and the overall luxury feel of the textiles makes it a fan favorite. The boxer-brief liner’s breathability and lightweight characteristics are particularly remarkable, while the shell’s ultra-stretch material works nicely with the body and is reasonably sweat-wicking for those practicing in hot commercial gyms. The little zipped pocket on the front is ideal for keys or AirPods. Front pockets and a single zippered rear pocket are also included.

Makos Lines Shorts

Makos Lines Shorts include the following features: 

• 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane

• Drawstring closure on the inside

• There are two side pockets. Inside the right pocket, there’s a secure media pocket. On the left side, there’s a hidden zipper pocket. A gusset is a piece of fabric put into a seam to offer ventilation, form, and support. An adjustable waistband with drawcord. Moisture-wicking fabric with four-way stretch. Back zipper pocket on the right side.

• The Makos short is made with flat-lock stitching to help avoid chafing.


Shorts from brands like Meripex, Lululemon, Chubbies, Vuori Kore, and Makos have proven to be viable alternatives to Birddogs shorts. This is true when aspects like usage and purpose, fitness design, color diversity, and size variance are considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the difference between Birddogs, Lululemon, and Chubbies?

Bird Dogs and Chubbies shorts are suited for a high-end eatery and are designed for extremely active people who want something comfy for a few runs. Lululemon, on the other hand, is excellent for individuals who constantly alter their appearance during the day and desire one-purpose shorts that can be worn for a workout or active job.

Is there a military discount at Chubbies?

 To honor military personnel, Chubbies gives a 10% discount on all orders.

Is it possible to return a Lululemon that has been damaged?

 Lululemon’s return policy allows customers to return full-priced items for a refund in the original manner of payment within 30 days of purchase. The item must be brand new and unopened. Both the rip tag and the product tag must be fastened properly.

Shorts Like Birddogs

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